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List of Expeditions for 2017

September 22-30 Guatemala – Medical, dental and construction. Oct. 13-22 – Dominican Republic – Construction  – Benedict’s in the DR Nov. 17-26 Guatemala – construction – Leader Monty Eggett

Nov. 17-26 Ecuador – construction – Leader Orem Home Schoolers

Dec. 26– Jan. 2 Tijuana – construction – Leader Will Sant and Bracken Lind

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Incredible Fire Truck Trip

GordonI sent you the invoices for the trip to Mexico.   It was quite a trip.   There are a couple of things that set the trip out as unique besides stopping every 30 miles and putting 5 gallons of water in it.About every 1/2 hour the lights would go out on the truck.   I called the guy in Idaho and asked him about it and he said, “Dang it, we knew about that but thought we had it fixed.”  They had replaced all the switches and relays in hopes of fixing it.  It made for some interesting driving.   (We would not stop)   We would shine a light out the window but were extremely glad for the full moon that night.When we got to Vegas we could smell burning so we pulled over and there was this rag that had got caught in the alternator and broke one of the two belts on it.   It was wrapped so tight in there that we had to go to Walmart just before midnight and purchase some tools to loosen the alternator so we could make that repair.   We ended up laying on the freeway for about two hours.   It ran fine with one belt and had no other issues with that.All in all it was a miserable 28 hours but when you look at it now there were a lot of lessons to be learned here.First, to see the joy in the fire chiefs eyes as he and another fireman sat in the truck, played with all the dials, looked in every compartment, played with the hoses and the water cannon on top made every miserable stop worth it.   They were so happy and pleased.   They laughed and played for over one hour in the parking lot with the truck.  I wished I had filmed that.  Dago said if I had seen what kind of a truck they have I would understand.  He is going to take pictures of it and send them to us.   They are having a big celebration in Nacazari for the new fire truck and wanted one of us to be there.   I can’t do it so I sent Dago to represent you.We had some help in getting the truck there.   We had decided to take the Kanab route but Kyle and Ben got talking and missed the road.   When they called me and wanted to turn back I said to just keep going.   If we had went that way we may still be going.   We would not have had enough towns to fill water jugs or a Walmart to purchase tools in to remove the alternator.   When the lights went out on the truck for some reason both times we passed a cop sitting on the road they came on just moments before we passed him.   When ever we went through a canyon or a very windy road the lights would either stay on or come on just as we entered.   When we broke down on the freeway it just so happened to be buy the only pull out we passed.   We were able to be far enough off the freeway that we didn’t have to worry about all the trucks passing by so close.  Last, they were wondering about the fire clothes in Brawley.  They wanted to know how much of everything there is.   I told them I would try and find out those answers.   They are working on getting money together to send Dago I believe.Well that’s it.Thanks Jon

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Donated Fire Truck

The HOA for Los Conchas officially donated the truck to the city on Saturday. The fire department polished it all up and did a paragraphed through the whole city. The fire chef had the same type of truck at a prior job and loved it so he knows all of the secrets of how to use it. 

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Rotary Funds

Remember you bought us two sets of slide projector/tablet/speakers with Rotary funds? This is how the Ochoch training area looks. These are all the families with severe malnutrition from the local villages and also pregnant women. I also have some pics coming of the other set being used in the outreach programs (not so good quality.)

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Incaparina Program Update

 Incaparina/milk/sugar was at last calculation $2458 per month. You were sending $3000 which covered us for the these costs plus towards medicines and help in the isolated areas to run the program.   Of the 207 communities in Senahu, we have the most malnourished from 105 at last count. In order to try and get the ones from the other villages to come, we plan to give this poster out to the 75 nurses working in the outlying areas. It is being printed now. Please can you urgently confirm what you will be donating on a monthly basis for this program? I am concerned that we only had one deposit at the end of November. (I don’t think we got anything for the club feet program. Report in a separate mail.)        We really can’t be trying to find more severe cases if we can’t cover the costs of the ones we have, so do please let me know.    (PS Worldlink monthly donation covers the salaries only.)

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Christmas Giving

We know that Christmas is the time of giving. We hope you will consider a donation to our work. You can donate online at our website. Paypal is the processor. You can send a check to the address below. We also have a system to accept stocks from the Stock Market. You need to call Gordon for details on donating your stock. We know some have IRA and retirement accounts and the government requires you to draw a minimum legal amount each year or you are penalized. The amount of withdrawal is then income and will be taxed. However, a donation to Charity Anywhere from the IRA or retirement account is not taxed as income and satisfies the minimum withdrawal amount. Again, contact Gordon on how this is done.   Our work this past year has been wonderful. In Ecuador we are presently delivering rugged locally built wheelchairs to the poor with mobility issues. Our goal for next year is 40 chairs per month. The Overland One Foundation has partnered with us on this project. Just last week we delivered in Ecuador 8 of these tough wheelchairs. Go to our website to see how well they are built. This helps employ people in Ecuador and bless those struggling with walking and moving issues.   Our malnutrition program in Guatemala has taken a big step forward by expanding our distribution of Incaperina to 3 other villages near Senahu. We have been serving 200 babies, children and mothers and now will be serving 300. Again, the website has information on this great program. We have partnered with NaruGuatemala Foundation..   We continue to serve the Dominican Republic on the hearing impaired school in Baharuco. We have a group going in March to do more work on the school.   Mexico has taken giant leaps forward with service to Tijuana, Rocky Point and Agua Prieta. These are the cheapest expeditions because we can drive to each. Construction is our main focus. We had over 15 expeditions this year and this coming year will increase to 20.   We do have on our website a report of the funds donated and how they were used. We reported that 93 cents of each dollar goes to the programs. 7 cents pays for the expenses such as warehouse, vehicles, insurance and utilities. We pay no taxes and have no employees.   Again, please consider a donation to help us meet the coming year’s goals and programs.   We thank all the volunteers and donors for their support. We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope to see you all soon on another expedition. Remember our foundation name is Charity Anywhere. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Our volunteers and donors take the pure love of Christ to the world.   Gordon Carter

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