These are the 2017 new, updated prices for Expeditions:

Mexico Expeditions:
$425 – Student
$575 – Adult
$225 – Child under 14

Guatemala $900 +Airfare
Ecuador $1,200 +Airfare
Bolivia $1,200 +Airfare
Dominican Republic $900 +Airfare

We leave Twin Falls, Idaho on Friday. We stay overnight in Las Vegas at 3 different locations. We sleep on floors in sleeping bags. Saturday morning we proceed on to Otay border entrance. We buy auto insurance for all our vehicles. During the trip down and back the gas is paid for from the fees charged for the trip.Some time Saturday afternoon we enter Mexico and settle into our living quarters. This could be different type of quarters, houses, dormitories, empty buildings, homes of the families we help. Once unloaded we have supper. We eat at a Mexican taco stand.

Sunday we go to the church of your choice. Afterwards we visit our work projects completed to see the people, work projects in progress that we have not completed, and work projects we will be starting. We usually have some Mexican family feed us the evening meal.

Most breakfasts we fix ourselves. Lunch and dinner are provided by locals. We buy the food and they prepare.

Monday, we start work. Usually we have materials waiting for us but some times we have to go purchase. We bring tools with us but usually the neighborhood we work in will provide the big tools.

Tuesday, we continue to work. In the hot afternoon we would go to Rosarito beach. We would eat supper on the beach. We usually stay until dark. Wednesday, we continue work. In the late afternoon we go to Tecate to a very nice swimming pool. Evening meal is at Nonno’s pizza. It is the best in the country.

Thursday, we would be winding down the project. We would be deciding how far we can go and what we need to do to finish off the work. Some times we see that we won’t get it done so we work with the locals on finishing it. We provide the materials and they do the work after we leave.

Either Thursday afternoon or Friday afternoon we go to the shops on the border to allow our volunteers to buy souvenirs. By this time we have had a full experience of their culture and feel more comfortable and safe being in their areas.

Friday night we pack up and get ready to leave Saturday morning. We leave Saturday morning and go to San Deigo beaches to play for a couple of hours. We have stopped at Old Towne in San Deigo or at the LDS Temple for sight seeing. We arrive in Las Vegas Saturday night.

We arise early Sunday morning and arrive home that evening. We try to hold Sunday School class in each vehicle on the way home.

Due to our many times into Mexico we have many projects to work on. One drug rehab center out in the desert could take us 10 years to complete. When we don’t see more pressing problems we help them. Our contacts increase every year. Living quarters are plentiful since we are not fussy about where or with whom we stay. Our most impactful hosts are the ones we help. A real friendship and bond is developed between our volunteers and our hosts. The fees we charge are for travel, meals, and materials for the projects. We have no paid leaders or employees. Our main objective is to do good. We discourage proselyting of any kind. We are non-denominational and help anyone in need. I hope this brief description will help releive some concerns you might. I must say that the most important work we do in any third world country is just being there. Our presents brings hope to the hopeless. Our construction is important but far short of extending a helping hand to those in need.