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Orphanage Needs

While in Tijuana Mexico we made connections with a struggling 90 child orphanage.  45 go to school and the rest are young.  24 babies.  They need some items desperately.  No clothing.  This is the list.

Food: Ramon Noodles, macaroni soup, chicken and beef stock, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, oatmeal

Cleaning Supplied: hand soap, laundry soap and softener, clorox, pinesol, brooms, mops, shampoo,

Other items: diapers, wet wipes, black shoe polish, baby oil, lotion, socks, underwear.

We can take two vans down this Saturday so if you have any of these items let us know.

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Tijuana Hospital

I was in Tijuana Mexico this last weekend and made new arrangements with the hospital.  We can use it again.  The new priest has requested a couple of items if it is possible to donate.  We don’t have to donate but I think it would be to our advantage to do it.  He wants a microscope for the medical lab.  Also, 2 different types of centrofuges.  Also, a pickup, old but runs.  If the pickup can make it to Tijuana then we can take it down with one of the groups we have going down.

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Mobile Medical and Dental Clinic

The city of Otavalo has given Charity Anywhere a mobile medical and dental motorhome to serve poor villages. The LDS Church has donated one opthamalogy chair and examination equipment for this medical unit. We have local doctors that will travel with this motorhome to use this new equipment. We always welcome other eye doctors to join our work.

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CAF Display

We have had lots of opportunities to talk to people about Charity Anywhere Foundation but one of the exciting ways is to attend and display at the Dental Conventions and the college international fairs. We are able to show some of the pictures of expeditions and teach them about what the foundation does. A little over a week ago we were able to display at the Utah Dental Convention. It was so fun to meet people and see their desire to serve kindled by our display. God blessed us with 4 important connections. 1) A professor from the University of Utah said she wanted to meet together to design and program of international experience for her International Health students. She would develop the curriculum and we would handle the out of country expeditions. 2) A gentleman talked to Gordon about a sizable donation. 3) We received some offers of equipment that could really be used 4) We were informed about an international eye program that we might be able to work with that is supported by Sears Optical, Lenscrafter etc.

Dr. and Mrs. Zambrano were here as well as an orthodontist and a pediatrician from Ecuador. We worked hard on our display and I thought it looked pretty good.

Susan, Monica, Maria, Washington

Gordon and Susan Carter

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News From Ecuador

Dr. Zambrano has just announced that Charity Anywhere in Ecuador is partnering with the Navy. Dr. Zambrano has personal contacts with an Admiral and that is responsible for the Navy to have practice exercises. They want our medical and dental teams and volunteers to serve Galapagos. This means volunteers would board a Navy ship, go to one of the islands then fly by plane or helicopter or both to other islands. All of this would be under the Ecuadorian Navy flag. The two Galapagos trips on the calendar are with the Navy.

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AMERICA’S GIVING CHALLENGE: Starting Thursday, October 22nd @ 1:00 p.m. MST, FOR 24 HOURS through Friday, October 23rd @ 1:00 p.m. MST– by simply donating a minimum of $10, you can help the Charity Anywhere Foundation win the daily prize of $1,000. To do this we need at least 500 donors. Get ready..Get set…Go!

“You have a choice today.  You can help save lives.  Or you can turn away.”

Please go to The Charity Anywhere Foundation Causes Page on Facebook to donate.  Also, please encourage your family and friends to donate as well.

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The Charity Anywhere Foundation will be participating in America’s Giving Challenge, sponsored by the Case Foundation and Parade magazine.  The challenge will be a concerted effort using social media and networking to raise funds for Charity Anywhere’s humanitarian services.  Charity Anywhere will be able to provide the opportunity for individuals around the world to donate.  As the event is a competition, the charity who raises the most money will win a $50,000 donation.  PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHARITY ANYWERE FOUNDATION IN THIS EFFORT!

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Next Project: Sign Up Now!

Oct. 12-16 Shushufindi, Lago Agrio , Ecuador Head waters of the Amazon.  The indigineous tribes will be served. We will partner with Petroindustrial Company. They will fly 20 volunteers into the headwaters and 10 Americans is the maximum. Cost. $800 plus airfare. All medical and dental people are welcome.


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