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USU Volunteer in Guatemala

I’m not fluent yet but the classes are great!! Hopefully I’ll be ready by the time i finish my classes!

Things are going great. Yvonne has some really good ideas to get more volunteers to come and I’m happy to help her make that happen. She really cares so much about what she is doing down here and that makes me care too. I hope before my time is done I will have made a big impact. I have loved Antigua so much! The town is gorgeous and I can’t get over all the beautiful architecture and scenery. Luckily I was able to go see one of the volcanoes nearby, volcan de pacaya. It was so awesome!! The first pictures attached are of me at the volcano. The view of Guatemala City was gorgeous from up there. We also roasted marshmallows at the top which was super fun. At Sheny’s house there was an amazing view of volcan de fuego. If you look closely then you can see the smoke rising from the top. They also had a dead cat that was always sleeping nearby. The architecture in the city is incredible. The picture there is in the Central Park area and is just the most beautiful building. I think that’s all for now!! Thanks so much!!

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Incaperina program

We have been helping the Incaperina program for years.  This building we helped rehab and built the benches, tables, paint, built temporary walls, and purchased chairs.  It is now officially open and will help distribute Incaperina more efficiently into the mountain villages.

Thank you all for supporting such a great cause.  We will continue to support.  Oscar and roberto go out each week to the villages looking for mothers and babies that need our help.  We are saving lives each day. =====================

Hi Gordon and Susan and all the volunteers who made this possible

We take great pleasure in informing you of the inauguration of our Centre of Nutrition and Education in Salud, which took place on July 20. We are very sorry that you were unable to join us and share in the celebration of the work and contribution that CAF made to this valuable resource for the most vulnerable families of Senahu. Many of our friends from town attended the event and others, including elders, came later to enjoy a rico bowl of caldo and chuchos. The deputy mayor and several councillors are shown on the top table with (from right to left) Lidia, Oscar and Roberto. (You can’t see it here, but the chief of police ended up eating with a shoeshine boy who snuck in to have lunch.)If you would like to enjoy a flapping, Spanglish speech, here it is:

Thanks again for  your invaluable support in getting the centre up and running.

Kind regards Yvonne

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18 Month Schedule

This is our schedule for the next 18 months.  This schedule is not in concrete and can be changed and added to.  If any of you have suggestions, additions, or changes let me know. Aug. 18-27 ,2016  Ecuador – Medical, dental to the earth quake area. Oct. 3-10, 2016  Guatemala – Dental from Mexico. Senahu, Guatemala Nov. 4-13 Dominican Republic -Med and dental, construction, education Nov. 19-26, 2016  TJ, rocky point, and Ecuador.  Construction, medical and dental. Dec. 26-Jan.2, 2017 – TJ, Agua Prieta, Rocky Point, Construction March 11-19 Tena Ecuador – Medical dental construction April 2-9, 2017 Mexico Construction.  Utah schools spring break. April 15-22, 2017 Guatemala – Medical, dental, construction . Easter week. June 9-17, 2017  Mexico – Construction July 8-15 , 2017 Mexico – Construction Aug. 12-19, 2017 Mexico – Construction Nov. 18-26, 2017 – Ecuador – Thanksgiving week

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Eagle Project Ideas

CHARITY ANYWHERE FOUNDATION EAGLE PROJECT LIST This is the list of projects we have done.

1. Collect used shoes, gather, clean, size, and bag by category. 2. Collect eyeglasses – clean, grade, wrap, and box by category 3. Collect school supplies – box 4. Collect diabetic supplies – box by category 5. Collect dental supplies – tooth brushes, paste, fluoride – Deliver to Mexico and apply fluoride at grade schools. 6. Make picture frames – Go to Mexico with camera and printer. Take family pictures, frame and give to families 7. Gather sporting equipment – used tennis balls, soccer balls, baseball equipment, basketballs – box 8. Gather wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes – clean and box 9. Go to a 3rd world country and organize at high schools a cleanup the neighborhood drive. Provide management and trash bags. 10. Collect used computers.Check and Clean, Box into categories. One scout got 90 computers from Logan high school. 11. Buy vitamins at Costco and then bag 25 in Ziplock mini bags . 12. Approach dentists on any dental equipment not being used. Clean, list and deliver to SLC. 13. Gather books, English and Spanish, for poor Mexican school libraries. 14. Weave rag rugs. 15. Collect old tools and organize into tool kits. 16. Collect sewing items – thread, needles, scissors, thimble, measuring tape, pins. Organize and put into kits.

No clothing.

I hope this gives you some ideas. We have a way to get these items delivered to the poor in a 3rd world country. You can come along or just deliver to SLC to our warehouse.

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