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Saraguro Grand Opening Ceremony: Disabled Center

We attended the opening ceremony of the disability center here in Saraguro, Ecuador yesterday, May 31st. The ceremony mostly recognized the accomplishments of the local politicians, fire department and other staff workers.  It was heartwarming to see the youth and older citizens “El tercer edad” participate in the ceremony. Especially the mentally challenged playing instruments with a local band and also performing a choreographed dance.

During the ceremony the mayor (photo of man approaching the mic in traditional Saraguro attire) recognized the assistance of Charity Anywhere. I was not aware of your organization until he mentioned Charity Anywhere during his speech. They also mentioned they are in the process of clearing Customs for 2 containers of supplies sent from the U.S.

Best regards and congratulations,

Brian and JoDon Rawls

Vilcabamba, Ecuador


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15 years in Ecuador

Charity Anywhere Foundation is celebrating 15 years of service in Ecuador by providing a medical and dental expedition to the Galapagos Islands on Nov. 20-30.  Dr. Zambrano has been organizing expeditions to Ecuador for these many years and would like to provide this exciting and gratifying service work opportunity to past volunteers.  The cost would $2750 which includes airfare and housing.  The Galapagos islands provide a very interesting and educational experience for our volunteers.  If you would like to participate please call 208-404d-6304.

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