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Other Projects

2) The Solar project. Gordon Hamm brought and we installed four solar systems. One was a grow box in the Branch Garden. Others were in members homes who do not have electricity. It gets dark at 6 and light at 6. The lights hopefully will at least allow them to have light so they can read scriptures, prepare lessons and read at night. It will make such a difference in there home.

3) Around 20 Flashlights were distributed that can be recharged by hand. They were sure a hit and will be put to very good use.

4) Assistance to the coch family. Gordon Hamm developed a close relationship with this family when he went down with his family. There daughter Anna is the only seminary graduate from last year. She works six days a week in the Restaraunt of President Lico for an income of about 35Q per day (around $4.67 per day) She takes all her income home. While there brother coch cut his foot with a Machete and had to have stitches. We took a load of wood to the family and they were also given some funds from the donations. We also installed a solar light in there home. They were very appreciate of the help.

5) They are just finishing a new Clinic that we can possibly utilize in the future for Dental and Medical. Scott worked many hours to help them get a piece of equipment operational. He developed a very good relationship with the staff. We may want to explore using the facility and taking medical groups in the future.

6) Debbie and Katie worked with the Spradins a missionary couple from El Dorado Arkansas. They did some teaching in some schools and worked with the missionaries on teaching English at the Church. Debbie also made a trip with them to a very remote village, and it about killed her getting there. Fortunately the mayor of the community drove them back in her nice vehicle. The conditions of the members is very meager, especially in the mountain villages where so much work needs to be done. Yet they have smiles on there faces and appreciate so much all that is done for them.

7) We found a young boy with size 12 shoes, and took him the store and bought him new shoes, socks and a spiderman backpack. He was so proud.

8) Dave Otts daughter made some beautiful purses that we were able to pass out, and were very well received. He also brought alot of small toys and other items that were passed out, all were a big hit with the children.

9) Debbie Clark worked with President Licos wife on her Diabetes. She has provided her with a testing meter, strips and spent alot of time giving her good input on what she needs to do to try and get her Diabetes under control.

I apologize if anything has been left out. Gordon in my seven years of doing Humanitarian work I have never come back from a trip feeling so personally satisfied. I am so grateful for the Donations that were raised by Dave Ott and Ron Truman, along with all of the materials donated by Gordon Hamm for the Solar Projects. Debbie Clark also took down around 80 white shirts for Missionaries. 50 were left in Guatemala City and 30 were left with President Lico in Senahu. I can see why they are called the forgotten people. The Bus ride is a grueling 10 hours from Guatemala City, around 7 on dirt roads. Fortunately the bus that is now based in Senahu was very comfortable and reasonable, only 300Q each way around ($40 us). There is so much we can do in Senahu-Seamy and in my opinion District President Lico is the one to help us in our work.

Best group I have ever worked with, such a pleasure and so much good was accomplished for these good people.

Ted Dodge

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Nuevo Palin Success

Am leaving for Alta Verapaz on Sunday again. Last month I went to Nuevo Palin and found a really inspiring story. These tomatoes are their fourth crop. Each crate will sell for around ten dollars, and there had been 18 for this harvest. Eleven families continued with the kitchen gardens, and of these seven started to produce for sale, establishing their own mini co-operative. Adicay stayed involved and brought them fertilizer and seeds, which the villagers paid for themselves out of their sales. When the other villagers saw how successful the co-operative was, they too wanted to join up. The second picture shows 15 signing up for the fifth crop. Nuevo Palin has become tomato central! I will go there next week with Ricardo, who ran the initial project. I think they will need to find another crop.

As a pilot project it has been very successful. I for one never expected it to grow to this extent and become sustainable in the process. The fact that these families now have an income and with it a source of pride – not to mention the Vitamin C from eating the produce – is something that Charity Anywhere can be very proud of.


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Report from Senahu

Dear friends of Naru, Maya Help, Charity and Mr. Nick.

I want to wish a new year full of successes, with many blessings to you and your family. Since the family has been a fundamental part of the support, great works, that you do, always wanting a better life for poor indigenous families Senahú communities.

I thank God for the confidence and support that enables us to serve many people in 2011.

This year Naru, Maya Help, Charity, Don Nick and Adicay could support 327 families of the three communities in the municipality of Senahu, with St. Nicholas, New Syllabus Palin, with a population of 2.289 inhabitants, making the supply in two communities drinking water in their homes, after years of struggling to make a decent living. Similarly, support, mini-Vegetable production project 32 families of New Palin, low income who have suffered for lack of lack of technology on agriculture and economic resources. Similarly in the Syllabus community, we made a reconstruction and improvements of batteries with 12 sinks for public use.

As for the drinking water supply of the two communities.

We have had testimony of ladies, which gives them infinite thanks to Naru and Help Maya, to fulfill the dream of having water in your home, as they had several years of living in the place and never had clean water and suitable for human consumption in your home, so perhaps say that no longer will long enjoy the service, because it has an age and Avans, but his greatest desire is that children have safe water and grandchildren. They indicated that their revenues are working on farms, could never build a large project, such as its water system, which currently have.

Also share in these moments that families have their New Palin vegetables, all families have already bought their seeds, with the sale of their vegetables. With these practices their mini project, is being held. by Naru, Help Maya and Charity.

The example of these communities, despite the poverty of their families, forcing them to end their big project. As these cases only, give us strength to go on and give meaning to my life, to continue serving others.

We are currently organizing with small efforts to find better life choices. We are venturing into organic intensive agriculture, to find sustainable livelihoods for farmers in our country. We’re about to knock on doors in 2012.

ADICAY and myself, we can only thank God for using us. With a strong team working with a social purpose, which we are discovering ways to better serve and in full.

For all these fruits in 2011, many thanks to Naru, Maya Help, Charity and Mr. Nick, because without financial support, each of you, we at Adicay, we can do more things for others.

A sincere hug and kisses to all.

Happy New Year and Successes in 2012

Ana Adicay

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Manager explains the success of Charity Anywhere gardens

This is the translation of a video that Gordon Hamm posted on facebook.  Read the translation, then watch the video.

“Good afternoon, we are an association called the Association for the Heath Integral Act.  The work that we normally do here is an introduction of vegetables for 30 families that live here in Palin Senahu.  And we have had a lot of success in which the people before have thought that here in Palin there is now way of producing vegetables.  But, now, we have made a great experience for the people here in Palin that they can produce vegetables. We have produced cucumbers and right now we have in production which is the tomato and also what is for example the carrot and also the chard and also we are producing the rravano, beans and chile peppers. All in this plantation here is chile, so, now what we want is that the families continue producing now that we have in this area 30 families.  All we are doing is giving guidence of which the families will continue to produce vegetables, which would make them sustainable.  Then can go and buy their fertilizer, seeds so that they can continue the process which is the learning.  And during the month August, September, and October and now we are in November and now we are only giving them lessons on what is the production of vegetables.  And now we have a success of 90% of all of the production of vegetables.”

Below is the video.

After that video, please watch the one below.

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