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Witness: The True Meaning of Christmas

This video chronicles the experiences of individuals who contributed work and time over their Christmas holiday to serve the impoverished residents of Agua Prieta, Mexico. They bare witness to the POWER of SELFLESS SERVICE.

Music by Collective Soul David Arkenstone Shalyn Strait and Katherine Cottam Yanni

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My Homeland

Written by Missy Homer after getting home from Tijuana this week! ======= My Homeland Riding in the fifteen passenger on the way to the border I see the brilliant white smiles plastered on every billboard When I see what they advertise it’s clear a change is in order If only they could see a goal worth moving towards Sign after sign, they all promise a big win But I know where I can find a better and truer grin

My crew walks up to what’s left of a shelter, i’ve seen it once before Hammers in hand and tool belts strapped, this ain’t no chartered tour We go there to serve and try to improve their living But when it comes to real knowledge, we aren’t the ones giving Caretaker comes out with a look like she’s been searching the sky “Dios te bendigo!” she shouts out as a tear slips from her eye

God bless us? What more could He give? Shouldn’t she be looking for a reason to live? Her city is the one saturated with poverty and crime Wouldn’t blessing her be a better use of His time? I know she appreciates what little we can do Yet I feel like our potential blessings belong to her too

She and those like her teach without a degree I learn from them how to love humanity Smiles from ear to ear fill the faces of kids living without a family Can’t help but ponder how it is they get so happy Then I realize it’s something simple indeed They haven’t been corrupted by the disease we call greed

The people on the ads think they’ve got it so good But they don’t fill their hearts half so much as they could I want them to know what it means to feel love I want them to know how to quit being alone I want them to know the sweat and dirt in their gloves I want them to know what it means to be Home

I guess that’s the miracle of giving after all As much as I give, my portion never grows small For when I commit a little time to so great a cause I can’t help but take a step back and pause I look at my life and wonder why it took me so long To understand that in the service of others is where I belong

by Missy Homer =================

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Education Room

This is a room we built last week in Tijuana for an orphanage. Rick is the instructor and wrote this response.



I am very excited about the new education room at the children´s home. Thank you very much. This is just a very wonderful thing. I was there a few times during the construction and told the people there that I appreciated it and that it has tremendous value to the kids there.

The room belongs to them but I´m hoping they will use it for just two things: teaching, and as a study hall. I will try to encourage them to keep it for only these uses.

The education room has three major benefits as I see it. First, and most important, it tell the kids that education is important. You would think that these kids and the adults who run the facility would know this but they don´t. Teenagers have a very hard time understanding (feeling strongly) the importance of education. I struggle, patiently, generally patiently, with them to get them to come to class. I will redouble my efforts to influence them patiently. Second as a study hall. Hopefully it will be a quiet place where the kids will go to do their homework away from all the other zillions of things that go on there including TV. Hopefully I can guide them in that direction. Third and last, but very important, it will be used as a teaching room.

I am just beside myself with excitement in this classroom improvement and in the impact it may make in the lives of these abused kids. It is my opinion that any child who is rejected by his/her family and lives in a children´s home has been abused by his/her family. This is abuse all by itself.

Incase you don´t know, almost all of the kids there are behind one year in school. Some are behind 6 years. One has never been to school. One has been to school for several years but has not learned to read or write. It is a challenge for me to get them to admit that they can´t read and write. They try to hide it from everyone and they sometimes resist coming to class to keep their secret. One 15 year old took a test a two months ago and passed the test for elementary education. She will take a test in a few months for middle school and hopefully start high school next fall.

Again, thank you very much. I feel like I owe you and the people who built and paid for this school room a tremendous amount for this wonderful gift. I will keep you posted on how it goes.


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In the Utah Statesman

A very nice article was written about Charity Anywhere Fondation in “The Utah Statesman” today.

Here are a few quotes from the news paper article.

“”Our goal is to make a difference in other countries and change attitudes and hearts here in the U.S.,” said Susan Carter, co-founder of the Charity Anywhere Foundation (CAF).”

“This year we are planning projects and expeditions to Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Haiti and with Native Americans in the outback of Alaska,” Carter said.”

“The CAF also has groups at the University of Utah, BYU, Utah Valley University, Weber College and in other states as well as Great Britain. Clearfield High School is sending a group of over 60 people sponsored by the organization to Tijuana to repair and build houses over Christmas break.”

To read the full article, please follow this link to The Utah Statesman.

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eagle scout project

On Nov. 19, Davis Newman, a boy scout, will be traveling to Tijuana to complete his eagle scout project. He has constructed 50 picture frames. He will take them to Tijuana and take pictures of poor families. He will take a printer and print each picture and then deliver them to the families. This will help Charity Anywhere with wonderful public relations. We also have a married couple going to Tijuana and they will be helping local dentists in their dental office during Thanksgiving week.

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more computers

We are working with a low income housing complex in Salt Lake. We delivered last week one rolling walker, 3 computer monitors, keyboard, mouse, and 5 boxes of hygiene kit supplies with 200 plastic sacks. They are going to assemble the hygiene kits for our Mexico work. We will be speaking to the group next Tuesday night. Today I will deliver more hygiene kit supplies and a used computer. We could use 9 more computers.

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delivery van full of dental equipment

We have a delivery van full of dental equipment that needs to be driven to LA and then on into Tijuana, Mexico. It would be a 3 day trip. To LA the first day, deliver and pickup at the same place, then drive to Tijuana, Mexico and delivery the next day and then return home. Could be done in 2 days but it would be a killer run. If you can help let me know. We would like it done before Oct. 3

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need for sewing machines

We are trying to develop businesses in Mexico to employ people. Mirna in TJ has requested a need for sewing machines. Any grade. They have started a purse making business to employ ladies at home. If you can help us get the word out on sewing machines, it would really help. We can accumulate at the warehouse and then send down with our volunteers.


Gordon Carter

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