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Orphanage Needs

While in Tijuana Mexico we made connections with a struggling 90 child orphanage.  45 go to school and the rest are young.  24 babies.  They need some items desperately.  No clothing.  This is the list.

Food: Ramon Noodles, macaroni soup, chicken and beef stock, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, oatmeal

Cleaning Supplied: hand soap, laundry soap and softener, clorox, pinesol, brooms, mops, shampoo,

Other items: diapers, wet wipes, black shoe polish, baby oil, lotion, socks, underwear.

We can take two vans down this Saturday so if you have any of these items let us know.

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Tijuana Hospital

I was in Tijuana Mexico this last weekend and made new arrangements with the hospital.  We can use it again.  The new priest has requested a couple of items if it is possible to donate.  We don’t have to donate but I think it would be to our advantage to do it.  He wants a microscope for the medical lab.  Also, 2 different types of centrofuges.  Also, a pickup, old but runs.  If the pickup can make it to Tijuana then we can take it down with one of the groups we have going down.

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New Years Tijuana Trip ’09-’10

Who: Anyone! You don’t need to know spanish or have construction experience. What: Building Houses For the Poor in Tijuana, Mexico When: December 26th, 2009 to January 2nd, 2010

Here are some photos from this expedition. If you would like to see them all, please follow the link below to the official Facebook Page of Charity Anywhere, New Years Tijuana Trip ’09-’10.

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