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Thou Shalt Not Judge


While in Tijuana, Mexico on a humanitarian expedition I supervised 45 volunteers from various universities and families. On the first day, I noticed this tall male college student. He had long hair to his shoulders and was rather quiet. I immediately thought he might be rebellious and I had concerns on how the week would go. He willingly took on the work assignments for his group. The cutest girl there sort of shined up to him. I ,again , could not reconcile how this beautiful girl could team up with this long haired guy.

Later in the week I visited one of the work sites and found these two working on building a fence. I talked to them and found out that both were returned missionaries. Long hair????? Returned missionary???? It just didn’t compute. While visiting them at the work site a little Mexican boy came up and begged for money. This long haired returned missionary dug into his pocket and gave the boy a few pesos. Again, this action just did not compute with the long hair. How could this be?

After we returned to the USA, I got to meet the mother of the beautiful volunteer. I found out that the two were now planning a temple wedding. Wow, long hair and a temple wedding??? I then had the courage to ask the mother of the bride about the long hair.

She then told me the following story. Upon his return from his mission his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had to go through radiation and chemotherapy. Knowing that his mother would loose all her hair, the returned missionary decided to grow his hair out so his mother could have a wig. He did and she got the wig. Well, before we went to Mexico, this great young man found out that his aunt had the same cancer and treatment. His long hair was now going to be used as a wig for his aunt. Oh how small I felt. I had misjudged this good young man strictly on his appearance.


Gordon Carter

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Mexico Trip

A group of around 30 people drove down to Tijuana Mexico over the Christmas break to do some construction projects for some needy families. Clint Carter took his flip video along and took some short video clips of some of the activities. We would like to thank all of those families, and students for giving of their time and money to help on this project. We hope that all that were involved found the experience fun and rewarding.

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List of Officers and Board Members

Officers and Board Membersof Charity Anywhere Foundation

Officers Gordon Carter Chairman Susan Carter Vice Chairman Dr Washington Zambrano International medical and dental director Dr. Thane Hales USA medical and dental director DeWayne Matheson Director – Guatemala Jon Larson Director – Mexico Bill Hammond Director – Fund raising events Ted Dodge Director of St. George Consignment Store Clint Carter Webmaster

General Counsel Members Ammie Wetzel Ammee Matheson Blake Carter Wynn Farr Dianna Farr Chris Howell Estee Carter Janelle Johns Joseph Burns Joy Hunter Karina Smith Dr. Leon Blake Sariah Stapp Verlon Terry Sherry Terry Joshua Strait Shalyn Strait

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Senegal Experience

One Evening we were at a family dance party. I decided to hold a young child so the dancers would not ask me to dance. The young child sat quietly on my lap and watched the dancers. A little later I noticed that this young child was lightly rubbing my arm with her very black hand. She was trying to figure out how my arm was so white. Then a little later she started pulling the hair on my arm. It hurt. None of the black people have hair on their arms. She was trying to figure what those small white things were that were coming out of my white skin. It was a fun experience to see this young girl educate herself on a big old white mans lap.

One of our volunteers at the orphanage became attached to one of the young boys, 11 years old. He had fled his country and was found wandering on the streets of Dakar. He was attending the classes we were holding for the other boys. On the 3rd day at the orphanage our volunteer noticed he was gone. The other boys explained to her that his father from the other country came and got him. He cried when he saw his father. He did not want to go back. His father had placed him in an Islamic school. Very strict and they only studied and memorized the Koran. In the afternoons the boys would be sent out with a bowl on the streets to beg. This is what the Iman expected of each student. If they did not return with the correct amount of money then the boys were beaten by the head master. We could all understand why the boy did not want to go back with his father. He was fed, safe and taught at the orphanage.


Gordon Carter

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