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next few weeks

Saturday we met with a group who volunteer each Christmas to go to Mexico. It was fun to see their excitement as they planned for this year. Today we spent in Orem area. Today we picked up about 8 slabs of granite and some tile from a renovation. We plan to sell them in Mexico. We are trying to get things in place for the LDS Dental Convention this next weekend. We always have a display and get some good contacts. There is a pre-dental group from UVU that will be there to help us.

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Items needed for Guatemala

WE have a group going to Guatemala this sunday and they need the following items.

1. Tether balls 2. musical instruments 3. electric sewing machines 4. cake decorating kits 5. single bed sheets and blankets 6. small white shirts for young boys 7. small black shoes

Can you help lead us to these items.


Gordon Carter Charity Anywhere Foundation 1246 Cassidy Circle Bountiful Ut, 84010 208-404-6304 United States Website Ecuadorian website

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Miracle $10

I was out last week doing some shopping for Charity Anywhere Foundation. During my search for a Home Depot, I pull over to the side of the road and ask this young man for directions to the nearest Home Depot. He was very nervous and I could tell he was mentally challenged. He told me where the nearest Home Depot was but then asked for $5’s. His friends had brought him to this local town and left him. He had no way to get back home since he had no money and the trolley cost $5. He was also hungry. I could tell he was very distressed and upset that his friends would do that to him. I reached in my pocket and out came a $10 bill. I gave it to him.

I then went to Home Depot and was looking for a plastic tote box to ship to Ecuador. I was having a challenge on finding the right box. A lady came up and asked if she could help me. I explained what I needed and took me to the very spot where there were many boxes. I explained that I needed the box to be padlocked when shipping. She asked me what I was using it for. I told her that it would carry medical and dental equipment and supplies for our charity work in Ecuador. She proceeded to tell me she was the manager and I could have the tote box for free since it was for charity. What are the chances that the store manager would come up to you to help you find an item. Yes, you guessed it, it cost $11.00. My $10 bill to the stranger was quickly recovered.

BE GOOD AND DO GOOD. Gordon Carter

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Orphanage Needs

While in Tijuana Mexico we made connections with a struggling 90 child orphanage.  45 go to school and the rest are young.  24 babies.  They need some items desperately.  No clothing.  This is the list.

Food: Ramon Noodles, macaroni soup, chicken and beef stock, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, oatmeal

Cleaning Supplied: hand soap, laundry soap and softener, clorox, pinesol, brooms, mops, shampoo,

Other items: diapers, wet wipes, black shoe polish, baby oil, lotion, socks, underwear.

We can take two vans down this Saturday so if you have any of these items let us know.

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Tijuana Hospital

I was in Tijuana Mexico this last weekend and made new arrangements with the hospital.  We can use it again.  The new priest has requested a couple of items if it is possible to donate.  We don’t have to donate but I think it would be to our advantage to do it.  He wants a microscope for the medical lab.  Also, 2 different types of centrofuges.  Also, a pickup, old but runs.  If the pickup can make it to Tijuana then we can take it down with one of the groups we have going down.

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Clinic in Otavalo Ecuador

We have been given a new clinic by the city of Otavalo in Ecuador but we need $40,000 to fund the clinic for a year. We need donations to pay for the rent, utilities, supplies, doctors and dentists. If we are unable to sustain the clinic, it will revert back to the government and we may miss out on a wonderful opportunity to serve the needy families in that area of Ecuador.

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List of New Expeditions for 2010

March 13-21 Tijuana Mexico – construction

March 27-April 3 Tijuana, Mexico – construction

June 5-12 Senegal Africa orphanage work

June 12-19 Tijuana Mexico – construction

July 10-18 Tijuana Mexico – construction

August 14-22 Tijuana Mexico

Sept. 11-19 Haiti – earthquake assistance

Oct. 9-17 Agua Prieta, Mexico construction

Nov. 20-28 Tijuana, Mexico construction

Dec. 26 – Jan. 2 Tijuana, Mexico construction

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