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Expedition for Guatemala is now firm

We have a family of 9 that have committed to go to Guatemala on Dec. 18 and return Dec. 28.  Cost is $875 plus airfare. We have 2 places to work.  Senahu and the Fray Barteloma Guatemala water project .  All 9 are adults and I know we can get a lot of work done.  I will be contacting the managers of both projects to see what we can have these volunteers do. We do need funds for both projects.  Gordon Carter

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Important Puerto Penasco Information


I just wanted to sit down while everything was fresh in my mind and say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! We could not have pulled off this huge task without each and every one of you. Everybody on this trip brought a attitude of good will and love, and it definitely showed through. We didn’t have one person complain. Not to say there isn’t room for improvement or that we didn’t learn some important lessons on what went well and what can be changed, but the overall general feel was everyone was in this together to accomplish a mighty task. 

I realize I asked a lot of all of you, but every one of you stepped up to the plate and exceeded my expectations. 

Some of the amazing things that we did while in Puerto Penasco: 

Built a room for a family with three special needs individuals. Furnished them with a new stove, and washing machine. Donated clothes and other necessities to this family and we will be putting a door on the outside of the house as well as the bathroom.

Hauled down 14,000 pounds of donations some of which were needed directly for the Words of Hope Community Centers new dormitories.

Built a room onto Rubens home (the man who makes sure everyone in the communities needs are being met, but only lived in a two room house himself) 

Organized the thrift store

Provided many needed things for Ruben and Yolandas wedding.

Gave away over 40 large humanitarian kits at the dump, to some of the areas most impoverished  citizens.

Provided  two cribs and mattresses for the orphanage. Played and had pizza with them, and lots of food and necessities for them. Provided little Dillon with a cake and ice cream for his 1stbirthday. J

Taught one of the women in the community a trade of eyelash extensions.

We also gave out many humanitarian kits to others in need, in the community.

Lets not forget we brought home little Emerald (Emi) to be with her sister Ruby here in the states.

It was great to see the impact we’ve had on so many by the donations that we have brought previously. We got to see the sewing room that now provides sewing classes for 5 girls at a time (and we brought down 5 more sewing machines this time). We actually were able to see many in the community using things that were donated at other times. 

They’ve started a gardening class that they will use the many seed packets and gardening tools that were brought down. 

Many miracles happened while we were there and it was an example to all of us that God works miracles through the hands of others, and He loves all His children, even the meekest of them. 

Again thank you so much. If you have a moment go onto the Idaho Falls Charity Anywhere page and post pictures and leave comments on your experience.

I’m sure I have probably forgotten a few things, but overall this trip was amazing! In the words of one of the Founding members of Charity Anywhere, “Never have I seen so much done by so few, so quickly.” -Ted Dodge

 Andrew will be setting up a folder for everyone to share their photos to this evening. So watch for an email with how to do that.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Terri Porter

Susan Nielsen

Kenzie Porter

Idaho Falls- Charity Anywhere

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Incredible Fire Truck Trip

GordonI sent you the invoices for the trip to Mexico.   It was quite a trip.   There are a couple of things that set the trip out as unique besides stopping every 30 miles and putting 5 gallons of water in it.About every 1/2 hour the lights would go out on the truck.   I called the guy in Idaho and asked him about it and he said, “Dang it, we knew about that but thought we had it fixed.”  They had replaced all the switches and relays in hopes of fixing it.  It made for some interesting driving.   (We would not stop)   We would shine a light out the window but were extremely glad for the full moon that night.When we got to Vegas we could smell burning so we pulled over and there was this rag that had got caught in the alternator and broke one of the two belts on it.   It was wrapped so tight in there that we had to go to Walmart just before midnight and purchase some tools to loosen the alternator so we could make that repair.   We ended up laying on the freeway for about two hours.   It ran fine with one belt and had no other issues with that.All in all it was a miserable 28 hours but when you look at it now there were a lot of lessons to be learned here.First, to see the joy in the fire chiefs eyes as he and another fireman sat in the truck, played with all the dials, looked in every compartment, played with the hoses and the water cannon on top made every miserable stop worth it.   They were so happy and pleased.   They laughed and played for over one hour in the parking lot with the truck.  I wished I had filmed that.  Dago said if I had seen what kind of a truck they have I would understand.  He is going to take pictures of it and send them to us.   They are having a big celebration in Nacazari for the new fire truck and wanted one of us to be there.   I can’t do it so I sent Dago to represent you.We had some help in getting the truck there.   We had decided to take the Kanab route but Kyle and Ben got talking and missed the road.   When they called me and wanted to turn back I said to just keep going.   If we had went that way we may still be going.   We would not have had enough towns to fill water jugs or a Walmart to purchase tools in to remove the alternator.   When the lights went out on the truck for some reason both times we passed a cop sitting on the road they came on just moments before we passed him.   When ever we went through a canyon or a very windy road the lights would either stay on or come on just as we entered.   When we broke down on the freeway it just so happened to be buy the only pull out we passed.   We were able to be far enough off the freeway that we didn’t have to worry about all the trucks passing by so close.  Last, they were wondering about the fire clothes in Brawley.  They wanted to know how much of everything there is.   I told them I would try and find out those answers.   They are working on getting money together to send Dago I believe.Well that’s it.Thanks Jon

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Donated Fire Truck

The HOA for Los Conchas officially donated the truck to the city on Saturday. The fire department polished it all up and did a paragraphed through the whole city. The fire chef had the same type of truck at a prior job and loved it so he knows all of the secrets of how to use it. 

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Rotary Funds

Remember you bought us two sets of slide projector/tablet/speakers with Rotary funds? This is how the Ochoch training area looks. These are all the families with severe malnutrition from the local villages and also pregnant women. I also have some pics coming of the other set being used in the outreach programs (not so good quality.)

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