Otavalo Container Loaded Today

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has donated 5040 hygiene kits, 3780 school kits, 18 100 lbs. bales of youth clothing, 9 100 lbs. of coats, and 9 100 lbs. of household goods. Charity Anywhere Foundation has added to this container 40 walking canes and 40 homemade quilts. This container will ship to Otavalo, Ecuador and should arrive in Ecuador in 3 weeks. The Mayor of Qtavalo has obtained permission to pay for the shipping and cost at Customs. The value of the container is over $400,000..

Dr. Zambrano, Charity Anywhere Foundation representative in Quito has made these arrangements for Otavalo. He has recently made similar arrangements for Tena and Limon, Ecuador.
Gordon Carter

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