Ecuador Trip

I have just a few minutes before we set off for the day.  We are in the jungle rain forest today.  There are two weather conditions here.  Raining and drizzle.

Native dancing and great stuffed talopia wrapped in banana leaves with a passion fruit dessert.  Today we work.  We went to the river which is a tributary to the Amazon.  It is Rio Napo.  There of course is water everywhere!  My hair is a little out of control.

We have a group of 20 and we will set up today in the main part of the city of Tena.  It is a large city.  We are both doing well.

WE have been fed WAY to much food.  The Mayor of Otovalo hosted us the previous night in a beautiful restaurant on the edge of the lake.  We had filet mignon and shrimp stuffed trout.  Don’t feel sorry for us.

WE have much to do today.  It takes an hour to set up the clinic.  I’m busy with children and helping with the medicine. We love the people in our group.  They are funny and kind and hard workers.  Got to go.

Love you all,

Susan Carter

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