Incaperina program

We have been helping the Incaperina program for years.  This building we helped rehab and built the benches, tables, paint, built temporary walls, and purchased chairs.  It is now officially open and will help distribute Incaperina more efficiently into the mountain villages.

Thank you all for supporting such a great cause.  We will continue to support.  Oscar and roberto go out each week to the villages looking for mothers and babies that need our help.  We are saving lives each day.

Hi Gordon and Susan and all the volunteers who made this possible

We take great pleasure in informing you of the inauguration of our Centre of Nutrition and Education in Salud, which took place on July 20.
We are very sorry that you were unable to join us and share in the celebration of the work and contribution that CAF made to this valuable
resource for the most vulnerable families of Senahu.
Many of our friends from town attended the event and others, including elders, came later to enjoy a rico bowl of caldo and chuchos.
The deputy mayor and several councillors are shown on the top table with (from right to left) Lidia, Oscar and Roberto.
(You can’t see it here, but the chief of police ended up eating with a shoeshine boy who snuck in to have lunch.)If you would like to enjoy a flapping, Spanglish speech, here it is:

Thanks again for  your invaluable support in getting the centre up and running.

Kind regards

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