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Eagle Project Suggested List


This is the list of projects we have done.

1. Collect  used shoes, gather, clean, size, and bag by category. 2. Collect  eyeglasses – clean, grade, wrap, and box by category 3. Collect  school supplies – box 4. Collect  diabetic supplies – box by category 5. Collect dental supplies – tooth brushes, paste, flouride – Deliver to Mexico and apply flouride at grade schools. 6. Make picture frames – Go to mexico with camera and printer.  Take family pictures, frame and give to families 7. Gather sporting equipment – used tennis balls, soccer balls, baseball equipment, basketballs – box 8. Gather wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes – clean and box 9. Go to a 3rd world country and organize at high schools a cleanup the neighborhood drive.  Provide management and trash bags. 10. Collect used computers.Check and Clean,  Box into categories.  One scount got 90 computers from Logan high school. 11. Buy vitamins at Costco and then bag 25 in Ziploc mini bags . 12. Approach dentists on any dental equipment not being used. Clean, list and deliver to SLC. 13. Gather books, English and Spanish, for poor Mexican school libraries.

No clothing.

I hope this gives you some ideas.  We have a way to get these items delivered to the poor in a 3rd world country.  You can come along or just deliver to SLC to our warehouse.


L. Gordon Carter

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Spring Break Project 2015

Charity Anywhere Foundation’s Mission is to give ordinary people the life changing opportunity to provide needed medical care, dental services and basic shelter to less developed countries while concurrently forever changing the mind and heart of the volunteer for good. This service trip took place in Tijuana, Mexico during spring break of 2015.

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Service Award by the LDS Dental Academy for 2015

L. Gordon Carter, Founder of Charity Anywhere Foundation, was presented the Service Award by the LDS Dental Academy for 2015. One of the major purposes of the Academy is to encourage service to under-privleged people throughout the world.

Dr. Evan Roundy, Executive Committee member and past President of the organization presented the award on Aug. 15, 2015 at the annual banquet.on the campus of Brigham Young University. Dr. Len Aste also received the award. On hand to congratulate the recipients were current President, Dr.Lawrence Palmer and Academy Founder, Gordon Christensen.

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A few weeks ago Dr. Zambrano in Quito wrote a short note with pictures of a little 11 year old girl that was born deaf. Her father left the family because she was a special needs child. The mother decided to sell her house to pay for a $51,000 operation for the little girl to provide her with hearing. They inserted some thing into the brain and then ran wires to a hearing aide by her ears. Dr. Zambrano said that the wires and battery had gone bad and wanted to see if we could help. The pictures were very helpful in seeing what the operation was about.

A Dentist from Cedar City, Utah had called about doing an expedition with his family. Susan and I were headed for St. George. So I called the dentist and said we were in ST. George and could we meet. He said his complete family was in St. George and we could meet that evening.

I went to their condo and we discussed the various options on expeditions. Of course, Ecuador was part of the conversation. The mother explained to me that she was very busy in that in Cedar City she worked a lot with hearing impaired people. I then explained to her the story on the little girl in Ecuador. I tried to explain the wires coming out of the top of her head and then the battery pack, etc. She stopped me and said look at my 10 year old son. Yes, he had wires out of his head with a battery pack. You could have knocked me over with a feather. It was the same operation that the little girl had.

The mother offered to help Dr. Zambrano find the proper parts. She has offered to send down the parts her son had used before being replaced with new technology. I truly felt like I was to meet this lady and family to help this little girl in Ecuador. What a miracle it was to have her son with the same apparatus as the little girl.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face.

Gordon Carter

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