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Another Miracle!

Jan. 27, 2015

The first week of January we were in Senahu, Guatemala.  We went specifically at this time so we could be at the Incaperina distribution to the 100 mothers that came this month.

I sat right beside Yvonne as she checked each child, noting weight gain or loss and looking at each child carefully to see signs of progress or illness.  Careful, detailed information is kept on each child and Yvonne would tell me a little about each.  A child was brought to our table for examination.  Yvonne explained that the mother of the child had died in child birth and this was the 14 year-old sister who was now taking care of the family of 7.  The child was crying and sick looking.  According to the weigh-in, he had not gained weight but had lost 1 kilo.  As we examined Ronaldi closer, we felt that he had a fever and his eyes were watery and not normal.  Yvonne made the decision that this little boy needed immediate medical care.  We ran to find Gordon so that he could transport the baby and sister to the nearest medical facility which was an hour and a half down the mountain at LaTinta.

At the “hospital” Gordon made sure that the child was seen quickly.  The doctor checked the baby and determined that there were many issues that needed attention, including sepsis, severe malnutrition, herpes of the mouth and dehydration. He was immediately started on an IV.  The sister and baby were left at the hospital.

The next day Gordon and Yvonne went again to the hospital to see how the baby was doing and also to make preparation for the sister to have food and a place to stay.  The doctor approached Yvonne and in a scolding manner said, “You have got to get these babies to us sooner!  If this child had come in even 2 hours later, I don’t know that we could have saved him.”

We checked in on the child every day.  Even after we had come home, we checked with Yvonne on his progress.  We prayed for him every day and asked that our family pray for little Ronaldi in Guatemala.

Today we received an email from Yvonne with news of Ronaldi’s recovery.  He was being released from the hospital after 3 weeks.  The photo showed a cute little boy with a huge smile on his face.  He looked strong and better.

I know that had his sister not brought him to the Incaperina distribution that day…and had Yvonne not been alert to the child’s condition…and had Gordon not been ready and available to IMMEDIATELY take the child to the hospital, this child would not have survived.  We know that there was a miracle that took place that day.  A miracle to save a life in the mountains of Guatemala.

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Incaperina dates

These are the dates we meet with the mothers and babies in Senahu and give them a 2 months supply of Incaperina.

For those thinking of going down, it would be good to have them go on these dates to help.

Feb. 24

March 24

April 28

May 26

June 30

July 28

Aug. 25

Sept. 29

Oct. 27

Nov. 24

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Eagle Project Ideas

  • Family photos in a developing country.  Take a printer with the scout.  Print photo in evening after the family photo.  Have troop make picture frames for photos.  Deliver to family in frame.
  • Gather baseball equipment, uniforms, hats, gloves, etc.  Deliver to Dominicun republic
  • Gather quilts.  Make Quilts.
  • Gather vitamins and bag in zip loc bags 30 to the bag.
  • Make hygiene kits.
  • Gather Spanish books for poor Mexican school libraries.
  • Make school kits.
  • Gather used eyeglasses, clean, grade and wrap for future trips to developing countries.
  • Gather used shoes.  Clean, grade, and categorize for future trips to developing countries.
  • Gather English books for Southern Indian reservation school libraries in Utah.
  • Make newborn kits.
  • Gather soccer balls, uniforms, goalie gloves, nets.

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List of Expeditions for 2017

September 22-30 Guatemala – Medical, dental and construction. Oct. 13-22 – Dominican Republic – Construction  – Benedict’s in the DR Nov. 17-26 Guatemala – construction – Leader Monty Eggett

Nov. 17-26 Ecuador – construction – Leader Orem Home Schoolers

Dec. 26– Jan. 2 Tijuana – construction – Leader Will Sant and Bracken Lind

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List of Expeditions for 2017

September 22-30 Guatemala – Medical, dental and construction. Oct. 13-22 – Dominican Republic – Construction  – Benedict’s in the DR Nov. 17-26 Guatemala – construction – Leader Monty Eggett Nov. 17-26 Ecuador – construction – Leader Orem Home Schoolers Dec. 26– Jan. 2 Tijuana – construction – Leader Will Sant and Bracken Lind

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Guatemala Visit

What an amazing experience it has been here in Guatemala.  It is hard to keep from crying.  Every day we see such poverty and want.  I can´t sleep at night thinking of the poor conditions.  Tuesday was the Incaperina distribution.  Over 100 mothers received either milk or Incaperina, depending on the age of the child.  Good news was that 8 children were at a healthy weight and were released from the program.  Sad news is that there are 15 severly malnourished children that now need to be on the program. One on the children that came for the distribution we could tell was very sick.  We grabbed Gordon and sent him with the baby and the older sister to the hospital that is one hour away.  They said the child was very sick and named at least 5 things that were wrong.  Gordon and Yvonne went back the next morning and they had the baby on IVs.  The doctor came to Yvonne and said, ¨You´ve got to get these babies to us faster.  He said that if we had waited even 2 more hours the baby would have died.  The baby was in a family of 9.  The mother had died in childbirth and the 14 yr old sister was caring for the family.  We bought them food.  There was another baby that need to go to the hospital also but she wouldn´t go because she didn´t have permission from her husband.  She lived 4 hours walking distance from Senahu.  One mother had walked 5 hours to be to the distribution by 9.  It is so unbelievable.

I have people waiting for me so I have to go.  Hopefully I can get back to a computer in a couple of hours.  We are leaving here today.  It is a 9 hour drive back to Guatemala City and we are going to take it in 2 pieces.

Just have to say the missionaries here are so amazing.  I just bless them for the work they are doing in these conditions.  And I pray with all my heart for the missionaries from our family that are working for the Lord in these conditions.  My heart is full of things I want to tell you.  I love you all.  PS.  Tell Lacey and Eliza that practially every kid in Senahu has a bracelet that they have made!

I have to go.

Love Susan Carter

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Beyond 5, Help

The singing group Beyond 5 from Nashville, Tennessee helped load donations for the street kids in Bogota Colombia.  The donations included 40 hygiene kits and 20 pairs of boys shoes and 20 pairs of girls shoes.  The donations were distributed this week in Bogota.  Beyond 5 is from Nashville, Tennessee.  Check out their website HERE.

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New Projects

Oct. 1-3 – Navajo indian reservation in northern Arizona.  deliver needed goods to individual senior citizens on the Navaj  o reservation.  Diapers, coats, sweaters, towels, paper products, school supplies, shoes, clothing, wet wipes, bed pads, eye glasses, tooth paste, 3 Nov. 21-29 Santa Clara, Ecuador.  construction crew to build homes and a dental office.  Open Nov. 19-22 rosariao,MX – Construction Nov. 22-29 rosarito, MX – Construction Dec. 1-9 – Pujo State Government officials visit SLC Dec. 20-26 – rosarito,MX – Santa claus and construction Dec. 26-Jan. 2 – rosarito, MX – construction, education and eye glasses project Mar. 7=14 -Otavalo, Ecuador – Medical, dental and construction Mar. 7-14 – Rosarito, MX construction May. 9-16  Santa Clara, Ecuador – Dental June. 8-13 – rosarito, MX construction JUly 11-18 – Xalapa, MX construction project Aug. 8-15 – Santa Clara, Ecuador – construction project. Aug. 8-15 – Rosarito, MX. construction

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Good day Mr.Carter,

I just got back from my trip to Tijuana, Mexico and I had the best experience ever! I met Erin and everyone else who was with me the same week! Everyone was very kind, good and caring towards me and I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing experience !!! I learned so much and I made everlasting friendships !!!  We did constructions including the rebuilding of a soccer field of a catholic school, renovating two rooms in an orphanage and building the basics for a home! I also assisted two dentists in cleaning and extraction of teeth. I am sending you some pictures so you can see what we did this week!!! Best, Rada

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