Incaparina Program Update

 Incaparina/milk/sugar was at last calculation $2458 per month. You were sending $3000 which covered us for the these costs plus towards medicines and help in the isolated areas to run the program.
  Of the 207 communities in Senahu, we have the most malnourished from 105 at last count. In order to try and get the ones from the other villages to come, we plan to give this poster out to the 75 nurses working in the outlying areas. It is being printed now. Please can you urgently confirm what you will be donating on a monthly basis for this program? I am concerned that we only had one deposit at the end of November. (I don’t think we got anything for the club feet program. Report in a separate mail.)        We really can’t be trying to find more severe cases if we can’t cover the costs of the ones we have, so do please let me know.
    (PS Worldlink monthly donation covers the salaries only.)

About the Author: Clint Carter