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BYU Distinguished Service Award

I am so excited to inform you of a very special opportunity in our lives. We were informed recently that Gordon Carter has been chosen by the Brigham Young University Alumni Association to receive the Distinguished Service Award for the year 2012.

I am quoting from the letter sent to inform us of this honor. “The university has honored some of its most outstanding alumni with this award since its inception in 1937. Among the first honorees have been Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the electronic television, and venerable U.S. Senator Reed Smoot. Year after year since then, BYU has gratefully paid tribute to her alumni who have distinguished themselves in a wonderful way.”

We have been surprised, honored, surprised, excited and surprised. But I wanted to make you aware of this honor for Gordon, not in a boasting way, but so that you can join with us in the excitement. The award will be given during BYU Homecoming week October 12 & 13th. Gordon will be recognized briefly at the beginning of the BYU Spectacular on Friday evening.

Because of the award, Gordon was filmed by a crew from BYU. One of the acknowledgements was to his parents, Mel and Ione Carter, and to my parents, Loy and Erma Blake. He is proud of the Carter family and the Blake family and all those that are part of it.

I hope you will cheer him on in the work that he does as Founder of Charity Anywhere Foundation. It has brought comfort and blessings to thousands of individuals who have so very little.

We send our love to all,

Susan Carter

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New Calendar Items

Dental expedition to Tijuana Mexico by BYU dental club – May 21-28.

Fund raising dinner in Loomis California – March 25

Golf Tournament in West Valley City, Ut. Wednesday June 22.

april 21-30 Peru – construction – Partner with the Heartwalk Foundation

June 11-18 TJ expedition – construction

June 18-25 Shine Mission dental expedition to Quito , Ecuador

July 9-18 TJ construction

Aug. 6-13 – Israel – Kibbutz construction

Aug.6-13 TJ Construction

Sept. 17-25 – India – Leper Colony – Education

Nov. 19-26 TJ Construction Agua Prieta, Mexico – Construction

Dec. 26-Jan. 2 – Tj Construction Agua Prieta, Mexico – Construction

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