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Wood Carvings for Sale

Washington Zambrano brought some wood carvings from Otavalo Ecuador the last time he visited the United States on a Charity Anywhere trip. His intentions were to sell these carvings to help cover the cost of the trip. We still have a few of these hand carved statues left to sell. For those of you that have traveled to Otavalo, this might be your last chance to purchase one of these wood sculptures made in Ecuador. Below are the links to the carvings we have left. The money you spend on these carvings will go directly back to Washington Zambrano and the CAF Foundation in Ecuador.

Click here to buy: Moroni and the golden plates

Click here to buy: Jesus the Good Shepard

Click here to buy: Joseph Smith and Hyrum

Click here to buy: Jesus Second Coming

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CAF in St. George Utah

Here is a recap of the local work being done in St. George Area

1. We put 75 packages together consisting of a new blanket, hygiene kit, toys for the kids in the family, school supplies and a few other things. We distributed these to the 75 families that were given food baskets on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Of the 75 delivered 5 to the Dove Center. This is the second year that Charity Anywhere has participated with the Basket Brigade in St. George. We also put together and distributed 40 packages for Homeless families in the St. George Area.

2. John Hilton and his family will be in St. George from December 12-15. We a building a play area at the Dove Center for Families. The Dove center takes in families, woman and children of abuse. We are also sponsoring Christmas for the Children in the Dove Center.

3. We will do another project for Betty and Jake in Anasazi Valley. We will do some work on the roof of the residence. Last year we put in a septic system, indoor plumbing, Shower, carpeting, washer and dryer.

4. We also donated some items for the annual Thanksiving Dinner at Red Rock School. This year they fed over 2000 people.

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