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What a trip this has been. The Guatemala scenery is beyond description. Beautiful. We have had 3 other adults with us and they agree. One has been to Peru and Hawaii.

We have been busy giving away the luggage stuff we brought. It has been most interesting. We went to a new branch here in Quetzal and the thing they were most excited about was the empty suitcases we left for future missionaries. They said they were going to hang them both on the little chapel wall. By the way the chapel was a house and we held the sacrament meeting in the double car garage. This is the second Sunday they have held sacrament. We are helping them put up a couple of walls to make more classrooms. Very poor area.

We head for the capital tomorrow. A lot to show and talk about when we return.

The Incaperina program is doing more than I thought. Very happy with that.

We hope to be home a week from Wednesday. Hope to see you all then.


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Day of Miracles

I had another day of miracles I need to tell you about. I was in Tijuana last week with 42 USU students. Some were construction and some pre dental . I rode out to LaGloria with the dental and the construction group took the big Charity anywhere van. When we arrived, the van was steaming. A hose had sprung a leak. We filled it up with water and then I had the pre dental students follow me to the dental office they were going to work in. I knew I would have to get the van fixed soon or it would ruin the engine without water. As we approached the dental office I parked on the wrong side of the street. When I got out of the van a man in an Explorer spoke perfect English saying” What are you doing man???” He saw that the van was steaming. I found out he was American. I said our van had sprung a leak and I needed to get it fixed. He said that the other guy in his Explorer was a mechanic. Did I want him to look at it. Within a minute he had the bad hose out showing me the leak. One block away was a auto parts store. Within 20 minutes, the van was fixed. If I had not parked on the wrong side of the street or been 5 minutes earlier or later I would never had met this guy.

I returned to the orphanage in La Gloria and took some orphans to the next dental office. I also had to deliver one volunteer to another construction project. When we arrived at the construction site, everyone was gone. I left him there and started to the orphanage. A white car pulls up with 4 pre dental students. They were lost and could not find the dental office I had just been to. They followed me to the office. If I had been 2 minutes earlier or later they would never had seen me.

At the end of the day I had to go rendezvous with Padre jaime in La gloria. As I drove down main street of La Gloria I saw the 2 American girls we have staying at the orphanage walking in the middle of the street. I picked them up and invited them to come with me to meet with Padre Jaime. They had never met him and needed to see his program. If I had been 2 minutes earlier or later I would never had seen them.

At the end of the day, I had been directed by powers beyond me to accomplish the work that needed to be done.

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Dentist in Tijuana Mexico

For the last 20 years Charity Anywhere Foundation has helped volunteers go into poor areas and help on medical/dental expeditions or have worked with volunteers build and repair homes in poor neighborhoods in Central and South America and Mexico. There goal was to provide better homes and better medical advantages for those who were struggling in poverty. There have many stories to be told. But this one helped the volunteers to understand that their service was more than providing a better place to live.

Many years ago a religious group came to a poor village in Mexico. They worked together to build homes for some of those who desperately needed adequate places to live. A little girl named Juana lived in that village. Her family was very poor and lived in very challenging circumstances. She knew she was poor and would never be able to raise her head above poverty. Her eyes were cast down because she thought she had no worth. But that year these wonderful people from America came again and chose her family to assist. They spent many days hammering and pounding and painting. To her amazement, they build a nice house for her family where they could live and be safe. The Americans were smiling and playing with her. She was so happy. She began to think that if these wonderful people would build a house for her family that she must be important afterall. She thought that maybe she was an important person.

The years went by and little Juana changed her attitude and her thinking. She worked very hard so that she could go to school. In school she studied every day so that she would do well and could get a job to help her family and others. She realized that she was smart and could learn hard things. As she finished high school she determined that she wanted to be a dentist. She knew she could do it. She continued to study and work hard and soon she graduated dental school.

Dr. Juana Ramirez now works in her own office in the outskirts of Tijuana. She said that she knows how important it is to have Americans come to help. She now donates some of her time to work with the students and families who come to her area with Charity Anywhere Foundation. She wants others to have the same experience that she had. She wants other children to know that they have value and can do great things. Thanks to Dr. Ramirez, many families are able to have free dental care through CAF and their volunteers. She said that she hopes that there will be a brighter future to all those that experience the generosity of these young Americans. She envisions the changes one child at a time.

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Golf Event June 22, 2011

Charity Anywhere Foundation, based in Bountiful UT, joins with The Petit Family Foundation, from Plainville CT, for a special fund raising golf event. This event will help victims of violent crimes, multiple sclerosis and other dehabilitating diseases which the Petit Foundation supports. Funds used for Charity Anywhere will help dental and medical projects in South America, Mexico, Africa and Samoa and the United States.

This is a historic event that joins two worthy charitable organizations from across the country to give helping hands to those in need across the world. It is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer, Hayley, and Michaela Petit whose lives were brutally taken in a home invasion in 2007. Dr. William Petit, the only survivor, will be at the event. Please come and make this day special.

The Golf Event will be held at the Stonebridge Golf Course in West Valley UT near Salt Lake City June 22, 2011 in honor of the three beautiful Petit women.

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Education Room

This is a room we built last week in Tijuana for an orphanage. Rick is the instructor and wrote this response.



I am very excited about the new education room at the children´s home. Thank you very much. This is just a very wonderful thing. I was there a few times during the construction and told the people there that I appreciated it and that it has tremendous value to the kids there.

The room belongs to them but I´m hoping they will use it for just two things: teaching, and as a study hall. I will try to encourage them to keep it for only these uses.

The education room has three major benefits as I see it. First, and most important, it tell the kids that education is important. You would think that these kids and the adults who run the facility would know this but they don´t. Teenagers have a very hard time understanding (feeling strongly) the importance of education. I struggle, patiently, generally patiently, with them to get them to come to class. I will redouble my efforts to influence them patiently. Second as a study hall. Hopefully it will be a quiet place where the kids will go to do their homework away from all the other zillions of things that go on there including TV. Hopefully I can guide them in that direction. Third and last, but very important, it will be used as a teaching room.

I am just beside myself with excitement in this classroom improvement and in the impact it may make in the lives of these abused kids. It is my opinion that any child who is rejected by his/her family and lives in a children´s home has been abused by his/her family. This is abuse all by itself.

Incase you don´t know, almost all of the kids there are behind one year in school. Some are behind 6 years. One has never been to school. One has been to school for several years but has not learned to read or write. It is a challenge for me to get them to admit that they can´t read and write. They try to hide it from everyone and they sometimes resist coming to class to keep their secret. One 15 year old took a test a two months ago and passed the test for elementary education. She will take a test in a few months for middle school and hopefully start high school next fall.

Again, thank you very much. I feel like I owe you and the people who built and paid for this school room a tremendous amount for this wonderful gift. I will keep you posted on how it goes.


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Holiday Humanitarian Help Needed

For less than the cost of a family holiday dinner ($100), you can:

Feed one child in Guatemala for a YEAR and Provide support for a dental/medical clinic in Ecuador

Please support the humanitarian efforts of the Charity Anywhere Foundation this holiday season!



Gordon Carter BE GOOD…..DO GOOD

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In the Utah Statesman

A very nice article was written about Charity Anywhere Fondation in “The Utah Statesman” today.

Here are a few quotes from the news paper article.

“”Our goal is to make a difference in other countries and change attitudes and hearts here in the U.S.,” said Susan Carter, co-founder of the Charity Anywhere Foundation (CAF).”

“This year we are planning projects and expeditions to Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Haiti and with Native Americans in the outback of Alaska,” Carter said.”

“The CAF also has groups at the University of Utah, BYU, Utah Valley University, Weber College and in other states as well as Great Britain. Clearfield High School is sending a group of over 60 people sponsored by the organization to Tijuana to repair and build houses over Christmas break.”

To read the full article, please follow this link to The Utah Statesman.

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St. George and Shelves

We have an empty van in St. George and need a ride down to pick it up and bring it to Bountiful. We would like to do this as soon as possible. If you know of anyone going to St. George, let us know.

Also, Jon brought us some very nice 2x4s for shelving for the warehouse. We need an expert to show us how to build the shelves. If you can help on this let me know.


Gordon Carter Charity Anywhere Foundation

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