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Teen helps poor in Guatemala

CLEARFIELD: Aimee Matheson went on a Charity Anywhere Foundation service project to Guatemala where they built a house for a needy family.  An article was written up in the Deseret News.  Below is an excerpt and a link to the full article.

“You just feel like crying when you see how poor the people are,” says Aimee, who wanted to tell her story in Free Lunch in the hope of inspiring others to contribute to her project. “It’s sad to see children living in such horrible conditions, and it’s even sadder to realize you can’t help them all. But you can make a huge difference in a few families’ lives.”

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Holiday Humanitarian Help Needed

For less than the cost of a family holiday dinner ($100), you can:

Feed one child in Guatemala for a YEAR and Provide support for a dental/medical clinic in Ecuador

Please support the humanitarian efforts of the Charity Anywhere Foundation this holiday season!



Gordon Carter BE GOOD…..DO GOOD

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In the Utah Statesman

A very nice article was written about Charity Anywhere Fondation in “The Utah Statesman” today.

Here are a few quotes from the news paper article.

“”Our goal is to make a difference in other countries and change attitudes and hearts here in the U.S.,” said Susan Carter, co-founder of the Charity Anywhere Foundation (CAF).”

“This year we are planning projects and expeditions to Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Haiti and with Native Americans in the outback of Alaska,” Carter said.”

“The CAF also has groups at the University of Utah, BYU, Utah Valley University, Weber College and in other states as well as Great Britain. Clearfield High School is sending a group of over 60 people sponsored by the organization to Tijuana to repair and build houses over Christmas break.”

To read the full article, please follow this link to The Utah Statesman.

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Guatemala at Christmas

We have a wonderful project going with Clearfield High School. They are celebrating the schools 50th anniversary. They are going to Guatemala at Christmas with 44 volunteers and 15 adults. They plan to help build 3 day care centers so women could earn money while the day care center takes care of their children. They are going as Charity Anywhere volunteers. We are busy getting thing ready to go for them.

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Incaparina Video

Incaparina is provided to malnourished children and nursing mothers. Charity Anywhere Foundation is directly involved in distributing this nutritional supplement in the mountain villages of Senahu Guatemala. It is our mission to decrease the mortality rates of these villages and preserves the lives of these beautiful people. With our generous donors we have been able to save the lives of hundreds of children and are anxious to expand the capacity of our mission. 100% of contributions go directly to the supplement provided to the children and nursing mothers. Please Visit http://www.charityanywhere.org/ for more information.

This video explains well the Incaparina project in Guatemala and can be used to share with your friends and family the capacity we all have in helping the malnourished mothers and children of Senahu Guatemala. We hope you enjoy it!

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Incaperina program in Guatemala

This came from our contact in Guatemala on the Incaperina program. Your dollars have done wonders on to help this little girl. Thank you so much for your donations.

Charity Anywhere Foundation provides funds to buy Incaperina, a nutritious mush meal for pregnant and new mothers. A health clinic at Senahu distributes the powder meal to the mothers in most need. Each month they weigh the child and charts its progress. The first picture is a child 15 months ago. The second is now. A miracle of miracles. I suggest you have your children see these pictures. I invite you to help. $52 will feed a child this meal each day for a year. 100% of your tax deductible donation goes to the program. We have a volunteer in Guatemala that handles the distribution each month. She charges us nothing.


Just quickly, because still in the mountains, but here is a before and after picture of this little girl who we signed off the programme this week (after 15 months).

15 Months ago


Mil gracias for your continued support! Yvonne


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Local Charity Sends Ambulance to Guatemala

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dredge, volunteers from Charity Anywhere Foundation, left Monday, August 2, to drive an ambulance through Mexico to deliver it to the small hospital at La Tinta, Guatemala. Jesse is a student at Utah State University and is part of the Chapter of Charity Anywhere Foundation at the college. He completed an LDS mission in Guatemala in 2007 and speaks the language fluently. Paul Oja, of Malad, Idaho, will meet them at the border to assist them and help as a driver. The USU chapter of CAF has been working over the last few months gathering donations and having fund raisers to pay for the fuel and expenses necessary to make the trip. Charity Anywhere Foundation purchased the used ambulance from the city of Malad, Idaho earlier this spring.

Charity Anywhere Foundation is a local organization that has been working in Guatemala for over 10 years. They have been disturbed by the lack of urgent medical care for the mountain areas. Although there is a small functioning hospital in La Tinta, the people have to walk miles to get service. Previously, people were carried to the hospital in the back of a pickup furnished with a mattress. The addition of an ambulance will help to get medical attention to the desperately ill far quicker. It will also have emergency equipment on board to begin treatment. Medical personnel from Malad are flying down and will train the Guatemalan medical professionals on proper use of the ambulance and all its medical equipment.

Charity Anywhere Foundation has also organized and administer a Incaperina Nutrition Program which helps provide Incaperina, a nourishing drink fortified with nutrients and vitamins, for several hundred mothers and babies in the area around Senahu. Over the years CAF has helped reduce the malnutrition mortality rate from 20% to 1%. They work in cooperation with the World Health Organization in this area of chronic malnutrition and poor hygiene.

CAF Volunteers have also helped built an addition to a small school at San Nicholas. This allowed for more children to attend school where the government provides a nutritional meal for lunch.

Another group of CAF volunteers are in the Atitlan Lake area working to improve conditions at a school in Chimaltenango. This group of 15 from the University of Utah is headed by Aimee Hickey.

Charity Anywhere Foundation welcomes donations for this project and many others that are presently in operation. Further information can be found at charityanywhere.org

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Items needed for Guatemala

WE have a group going to Guatemala this sunday and they need the following items.

1. Tether balls 2. musical instruments 3. electric sewing machines 4. cake decorating kits 5. single bed sheets and blankets 6. small white shirts for young boys 7. small black shoes

Can you help lead us to these items.


Gordon Carter Charity Anywhere Foundation 1246 Cassidy Circle Bountiful Ut, 84010 208-404-6304 United States Website http://www.charityanywhere.org Ecuadorian website http://www.charityanywhere.org.ec

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