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Incaperina FAQ

1. How long has the program been running? We started in one village – San Nicolas – following a visit there by a CAF dentist group in 2006, who were struck by the levels of malnutrition and offered to fund a nutrition programme there. A year or so later we moved the programme to the town of Senahu, operating it partnership with the health centre to reach the most severely malnourished children from the all the region.

2. What measurable results have we seen? Life expectancy increases? (I need concrete statistical data) Children are referred to the programme by healthworkers and weighed with interview every 2 months. They leave the programme when they reach normal weight (for their height) and stabilise there. We have full excel data from the start of 2011, which we use to chart the child’s progress. For other purposes we hope to be able to analyse the data. E.g. establish monthly average increases in response to new protocols. We also take before/after pics (I will send some).

How do we measure our success? Do we coordinate our efforts with any other non-profits or NGOs in the area? Can I look up data on the World Health Organization’s website? Success is measured by: 1) Achieving healthy weights and maintaining them for 6 months, according to WHO standards 2) Rate of relapses/readmissions –

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Guatemala Photos

Here are a couple of photos from our trip to Guatemala.

Incaperina distribution to malnourished children. They were give a 6 bags of Incaperina and 2 bags of sugar. That was to last the child for 2 months.

Volunteer group from SLC completed kitchen gardens for 22 families in the Alta Veripaz area at Neuvo Palin.

This is the beautiful painting on the outside of the daycare in Quetzaltenango. Kid-nnectedWorld helped by donating playground equipment, fencing and all the paint for inside and outside the building,plus cement for a small patio.

Malnourished child from mountain village.

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Back from Guatemala

We are exhausted and trying to catch our breath.  It is so hard to think that we are in this land of “PLENTY” after being in such a primitive area.  We have traveled  through time about 200 years.  I cry everytime I think of the conditions of the people there and pray to the Lord to bless them and give them the bounties of the earth.  These are just a few pix to let you feel of the country.


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Amazing Days

Hello everyone, I just have a few minutes to let you know that we are now out of the mountains and will be in Guatemala City tomorrow. We have had such an amazing experience as we have handed out the incaperina. There were at least 6 sets of twins. They have a hard time because they usually have low birth weight and then the mother doesn’t usually have enough milk. I saw at least one child that I doubt will live. He was an older boy about 3 but just laid in his mothers lap. All the children were very lethargic.

Stayed at a fantastic place last night, a coffee plantation high in the mountains. I have to go for the minute but I´ll write later tonight.


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Incaperina program in Guatemala

This came from our contact in Guatemala on the Incaperina program. Your dollars have done wonders on to help this little girl. Thank you so much for your donations.

Charity Anywhere Foundation provides funds to buy Incaperina, a nutritious mush meal for pregnant and new mothers. A health clinic at Senahu distributes the powder meal to the mothers in most need. Each month they weigh the child and charts its progress. The first picture is a child 15 months ago. The second is now. A miracle of miracles. I suggest you have your children see these pictures. I invite you to help. $52 will feed a child this meal each day for a year. 100% of your tax deductible donation goes to the program. We have a volunteer in Guatemala that handles the distribution each month. She charges us nothing.


Just quickly, because still in the mountains, but here is a before and after picture of this little girl who we signed off the programme this week (after 15 months).

15 Months ago


Mil gracias for your continued support! Yvonne


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