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A HUGE thank you!!!

Hello, Washington. I have thought of you and Julio and your many partners in the work you do in Ecuador many times in the past ten days! Todd and I and our entire team can not ever thank you enough for providing us with the opportunity to work side by side with so many amazing people to help many other hard-working people in Esmeraldas. In addition to giving us many different opportunities to work meaningfully, you also organized trips to Mindo and Otavalo for us, allowing us to see so much of your beautiful country. I know a number of unexpected changes came up before and during the week, but you always seemed to roll so easily with everything, and your primary concern was always to go far beyond the norm to give us a truly extraordinary visit. I know the week we spent in Ecuador has been a true highlight of our lives. Many, many emails and postings on Facebook have been shared expressing among team members, expressing our gratitude for having had the chance to work with your organization.

I was able to keep a small blog while we were working in Ecuador; if you would like to read that record, you can find it at http://grow09.blogspot.com.

Please know you, your family, and your many partners who “do good” will always be in our thoughts and remembered fondly. We can not express how very much we appreciate your hospitality and tremendous support. You are an inspiration!


Julie Stockwell, Grow, Inc.

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Back in Quito

Hello everyone, We were able to make the flight very well yesterday and are back in Quito today. We fly home tomorrow and will arrive in Bountiful at 11:30 that night. We have a hectic schedule leaving Quito at 6:30, to Bogota, to Miami, to Minneapolis, to SLC. We will be sitting in the air a lot! It was nice to relax a little last night. We went to Crepes and Waffles and had the most wonderful crepes with chicken, aspergas and mushrooms. They also have fabulous desserts. I’m not sure what we are doing today. I am freezing now. We have been so hot and now we are at 60 degrees.

Susan Carter

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Ready to come home

Hello everyone, We are still back in the jungle but we have finished our work here and will be flying back to Quito this afternoon. We had a very long day yesterday. The doctors served 155 people and the dentists 121. I worked with the floride treatments for the children and we completed 95. We could have done more but we ran out of toothbrushes. The parents were so anxious for their children to learn and complete the process. We had 6 US volunteers with us and 3 were Spanish speakers. They were wonderful. We had a big dinner celebration at noon. All the dignitaries from the villages and PetroEcuador were there to thank us for coming. We had tolapia rapped in banana leaves. It was delicious. It was back to work afterward. We then had to break down the equipment and facilities we had brought. At 6 we went off into the jungle further to deliver a incubator to a little village health facility. We were there for a while so our doctors could instruct them in its use. We were not far from a beautiful lake so we walked down there. There were old hewn out wooden canoes. The place was so neat with all the night sounds of the jungle. The birds and the fireflies made it amazing. It took an hour to get back and then we had to load up the equipment and supplies in the truck for the trip home. We were SOOOO tired last night.

There are oil wells and pipelines everywhere. Along the side of the road you see at least 2 or three and many times as many as 10. Some are 4 or 5 inches in diameter but some are as big as at least 12 inches. They are still drilling in many places. In the mornings there are at least 12 big oil tanker trucks being filled and sent out. It looks like the places there at North Salt Lake except lots more of the huge storage tanks.

We catch the flight back this afternoon. What a great experience….but I´ll be ready for a nap when I get back.

Got to go.

Susan Carter

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Susan and I plan to fly to Quito, Ecuador on Aug. 20 and return Aug. 22. We are inviting any of the counsel to join us. We can get airfare for under $900. We will be going to Shushufindi to donate medical and dental equipment to our clinic there. Shell Oil will be flying us from Quito. I hope you can come along. Guaranteed to swim with perrhona and no bites.

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Dental Brigade

We have a group of college students from Western Kentucky University going to Quito, Ecuador on June 1-10. They want to partner with Charity Anywhere on doing a dental brigade on June 1 and 2. They have a dentist going and we will provide 4 other ecuadorian dentists. They need to rent our portable dental equipment and we would also furnish the dental supplies. They plan on servicing 200 people during those 2 days.

They do not have the budget to cover the costs to do the 2 day brigade, $3400. This figures out to be $17 per patient. Can you help with one or ten or 50 patients? If you can, go to the website and do the “donate now” button. Earmark your donation as “Dental Brigade”.

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CAF in Ecuador

Charity Anywhere Foundation has a huge organization based in Quito Ecuador. CAF in Ecuador is managed by Dr. Washington Zambrano.

CAF in Ecuador also has a website which they update on a regular basis. Projects to Ecuador include Dental Service, Medical Service and construction. Dr. Zambrano has been able to gather together dentists and doctors from all over Ecuador to form a wonderful coalition. CAF in Ecuador serves thousands and thousands of poverty stricken people by giving free dental and free medical care. The organization in Ecuador is incredible. There are always medical and dental projects in Galapagos Islands, Otavalo, and Quito.

If you are at all interested in visiting a third world country and would like to give service to those in need, a trip to Ecuador is an excellent choice for you.

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