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Other Projects

2) The Solar project. Gordon Hamm brought and we installed four solar systems. One was a grow box in the Branch Garden. Others were in members homes who do not have electricity. It gets dark at 6 and light at 6. The lights hopefully will at least allow them to have light so they can read scriptures, prepare lessons and read at night. It will make such a difference in there home.

3) Around 20 Flashlights were distributed that can be recharged by hand. They were sure a hit and will be put to very good use.

4) Assistance to the coch family. Gordon Hamm developed a close relationship with this family when he went down with his family. There daughter Anna is the only seminary graduate from last year. She works six days a week in the Restaraunt of President Lico for an income of about 35Q per day (around $4.67 per day) She takes all her income home. While there brother coch cut his foot with a Machete and had to have stitches. We took a load of wood to the family and they were also given some funds from the donations. We also installed a solar light in there home. They were very appreciate of the help.

5) They are just finishing a new Clinic that we can possibly utilize in the future for Dental and Medical. Scott worked many hours to help them get a piece of equipment operational. He developed a very good relationship with the staff. We may want to explore using the facility and taking medical groups in the future.

6) Debbie and Katie worked with the Spradins a missionary couple from El Dorado Arkansas. They did some teaching in some schools and worked with the missionaries on teaching English at the Church. Debbie also made a trip with them to a very remote village, and it about killed her getting there. Fortunately the mayor of the community drove them back in her nice vehicle. The conditions of the members is very meager, especially in the mountain villages where so much work needs to be done. Yet they have smiles on there faces and appreciate so much all that is done for them.

7) We found a young boy with size 12 shoes, and took him the store and bought him new shoes, socks and a spiderman backpack. He was so proud.

8) Dave Otts daughter made some beautiful purses that we were able to pass out, and were very well received. He also brought alot of small toys and other items that were passed out, all were a big hit with the children.

9) Debbie Clark worked with President Licos wife on her Diabetes. She has provided her with a testing meter, strips and spent alot of time giving her good input on what she needs to do to try and get her Diabetes under control.

I apologize if anything has been left out. Gordon in my seven years of doing Humanitarian work I have never come back from a trip feeling so personally satisfied. I am so grateful for the Donations that were raised by Dave Ott and Ron Truman, along with all of the materials donated by Gordon Hamm for the Solar Projects. Debbie Clark also took down around 80 white shirts for Missionaries. 50 were left in Guatemala City and 30 were left with President Lico in Senahu. I can see why they are called the forgotten people. The Bus ride is a grueling 10 hours from Guatemala City, around 7 on dirt roads. Fortunately the bus that is now based in Senahu was very comfortable and reasonable, only 300Q each way around ($40 us). There is so much we can do in Senahu-Seamy and in my opinion District President Lico is the one to help us in our work.

Best group I have ever worked with, such a pleasure and so much good was accomplished for these good people.

Ted Dodge

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The Stoves

The stoves. When Rob Rheinhart of the Maya Relief shared this with me 4 years ago I could not fully grasp the signifigance of the stoves in the Homes. Thanks to the the efforts of Ron Truman and Dave Ott, they raised $3000 for the purchase of stoves and other projects. We purchased 12 Stoves from Maya Relief for $120 per stove. If we could and started a project like Incaperina to fund stoves on a monthly basis, President Lico could provide work for some in his district.

We installed 6 stoves, and left another six with the necessary funds to get them to the villages. The day we installed the first 3 stoves it was pouring rain. The first stove was at the home of a Branch President in cite kechi (spelling not guaranteed). They have just finished a beautiful chapel. The President lives in a shack with his wife and 3 children. He didnt even have a stove but was using 3 blocks to cook on. I saw no food in the house, but the church manuals were on the table. It was incredible to see Dave and Ron work along with President Lico. The first stove took about an hour and a half to install, but the difference was immediate. The smoke in the home was overwhelming and with completion of the stove all the smoke goes outside the home. The family was very greatful and the Branch President went with us for the remainder of the day and did alot of the heavy lifting.

The second home was a mom and dad with 8 children all living in a 3 room shack. The trail to there home was almost impassable because of the rain. In this home they were able to install the stove in around 50 minutes, and again the family was most grateful.

The third stove was in the home of the Branch President in the village of semu roch (again spelling not guaranteed. I have not be able to find any of the maps of Guatemala that have these villages on the map. With this family Ron and Dave also allocated money from there Donations to buy the family a months supply of food. It was interesting that at this family the mother was cooking Incaperina for the evening meal. Makes me think that we may possibly want to expand the Incaperina and include families of greatest need. We asked President Lico about fast offerings, he said the amounts were very small. To get assistance from the Church the Branch has to complete paperwork, send it to the District and then send it to the Mission President for approval. It appears to be slow and cumbersome and in many cases does not allow for the immediate needs. For this family Elder Anderson from Tehachapi California reported back to us the gratitude from the family for the flashlights, food and the stove. The father said that it use to take 20 Loads of wood, and now it only takes 5. They have to get the wood from public land several miles away, much of it being on very steep terrain. He said he now has more time to work in the fields to provide for his family. This family also has a son who is in need of treatment for a brain disorder that will run about 5000 Q (around $666 US)

Bless the good men who held on to a bar in the back of the truck. Because of my age they let me ride in the cab with the driver. We started calling that Day the Polichic Death march. It was a brutal day, but all felt so good about the work that had been done. We also left one adittional stove to be installed at a later time.

The next stove was installed in Senahu to a family with great need. By this time they had gotten the installation time down to around 20 minutes. Was was also installed in Nu Palin to the member of the Branch there. One more was installed at the village above Senahu in the homes built by the government after the mudslides. They said it took only 15 minutes to install the last stove.

Dave Ott left all of his power tooks with President Lico and I know they will be put to good use. Working through him on projects turned out to be the best way. We had people come directly to the Hotel and ask for things and we could refer them back to President Lico. Sure saved alot of hurt feelings and confusion.

Rob Rheinhart has told me that Maya Relief has now installed about 5000 stoves in Guatemala. He has also talked about a program whereby we can get a two for one match. I will follow up with Rob and quickly as possible on that.

Ted Dodge

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