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Trip to Tena Ecuador

Outside it is pouring rain with thunder and lightning sparking the night. I am safely under a huge covering enjoying the experience. We have been in Tena, Ecuador all day. There was a presentation by the Mayor to Gordon and Charity Anywhere. The airforce was represented, the fire department, the senior citizen group, the health department and two other mayors representing 10 mayors in the province. It was not a huge deal but the TV camera’s were there and we smiled a lot. The container that was sent 3 months ago had been unloaded and some of the contents were displayed including the ambulance which we had purchased from Malad, Idaho.

Our CAF team worked all day Tuesday and all day today. There were 3 doctors and 6 dentists. We went outside the town a few miles to see 3 of the wheelchairs we had donated. They were for twin that were disabled since birth……WOW there just was a HUGE lightning strike, like right beside me and and enormous thunder. I just about jumped out of my skin!!!!!

It has been a unique experience. It all started when we arrive in Quito at 9:30 Monday night. We were both tired. Dr. Z picked us up and said we are driving to Tena that night. That is 4 hours away up over the Andies into the Amazon rain forest. I would have preferred to tuck into a nice bed but off we went! We talked most of the way and it went by fast. But we drove thru Tena and just kept going. The roads got narrower and narrower. I asked where we were staying… I started to get a little suspicious when Dr. Z couldn’t find the right road. He crossed a small bridge and said it was somewhere close. I saw NOTHING. He slowed by a small dirt road. And sure enough he pulled off. It was like taking a road thru a cow pasture. We just kept going and going. Finally….we pulled up to some small houses. When we got into the room it was beautiful! This place is like a little paradise in the middle of the jungle!. There is a clear river right beside our room. This place has a pool and a hot tub. A volleyball area and lovely areas to just bask in the sun. It is quite warm here and there is 90% humidity. There are these beautiful mountains all around the town that are covered with mists and clouds. Dr. Z said they were sacred mountains and you can actually find gold there still.

We have been treated like Santa Claus. We’ve been wined and dined at their nicest places. We have found some of the friends who came to Salt Lake. It has been a very unique experience. We will be leaving here tomorrow afternoon to go to Quito. On Friday we go to Otovalo to meet with Mayor Mario. Saturday we head back to the USA.

I love you all and hope you are doing well.

Susan Carter

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Wood Carvings

Washington Zambrano brought some wood carvings from Otavalo Ecuador the last time he visited the United States on a Charity Anywhere trip. His intentions were to sell these carvings to help cover the cost of the trip. We still have a few of these hand carved statues left to sell.

For those of you that have traveled to Otavalo, this might be your last chance to purchase one of these wood sculptures made in Ecuador.

Below are the links to the carvings we have left. The money you spend on these carvings will go directly back to Washington Zambrano and the CAF Foundation in Ecuador.





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Ambulance on the Amazon

We donated this ambulance to Tena, Ecuador last year. This shows them using it in the headwaters of the Amazon. Who would have thought the CAF would be sending an ambulance that would ferry across the Amazon river to serve the indigenous people in Ecuador. Great work done by Dr. Zambrano. Thank you all for the funds we received last year to fund this wonderful effort.

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A HUGE thank you!!!

Hello, Washington. I have thought of you and Julio and your many partners in the work you do in Ecuador many times in the past ten days! Todd and I and our entire team can not ever thank you enough for providing us with the opportunity to work side by side with so many amazing people to help many other hard-working people in Esmeraldas. In addition to giving us many different opportunities to work meaningfully, you also organized trips to Mindo and Otavalo for us, allowing us to see so much of your beautiful country. I know a number of unexpected changes came up before and during the week, but you always seemed to roll so easily with everything, and your primary concern was always to go far beyond the norm to give us a truly extraordinary visit. I know the week we spent in Ecuador has been a true highlight of our lives. Many, many emails and postings on Facebook have been shared expressing among team members, expressing our gratitude for having had the chance to work with your organization.

I was able to keep a small blog while we were working in Ecuador; if you would like to read that record, you can find it at http://grow09.blogspot.com.

Please know you, your family, and your many partners who “do good” will always be in our thoughts and remembered fondly. We can not express how very much we appreciate your hospitality and tremendous support. You are an inspiration!


Julie Stockwell, Grow, Inc.

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thoroughly enjoyed the work

Dear Dr. Zambrano, I have been thinking about you and your family a lot lately. I constantly think about my time while I was with you all in Ecuador and how I thoroughly enjoyed the work that you do. It was such a great opportunity and I learned so much while I was there. I am grateful that there are people such as yourself and your wonderful family that dedicate themselves to helping those who are around them. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate what you do and what you taught me while I was there. I hope to be able to come back someday as a physician and work with you. I hope that your family is doing well and I hope that the charity is seeing success in its endeavors as well. Let me know if you are ever in Salt Lake City. I would love to have you meet my family and have dinner with us. Thank you again for all that you did for me while I was there. Saludos y besos a usted y a su familia.

Sincerely, Richard Baggaley

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Shushufindi Ecuador Video

Charity Anywhere Foundation makes a trip to Shushufindi Ecuador on a Medical and Dental expedition . Many volunteers make the trip into the jungles of Ecuador to serve others. They were able to treat several hundred people while on this service project. Thanks to the wonderful people serving in the Ecuadorian chapter of Charity Anywhere the project was a huge success.

Contact us so that you can go with us on our next trip to Ecuador. You will find it challenging, exciting, heart warming and rewarding.

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Back in Quito

Hello everyone, We were able to make the flight very well yesterday and are back in Quito today. We fly home tomorrow and will arrive in Bountiful at 11:30 that night. We have a hectic schedule leaving Quito at 6:30, to Bogota, to Miami, to Minneapolis, to SLC. We will be sitting in the air a lot! It was nice to relax a little last night. We went to Crepes and Waffles and had the most wonderful crepes with chicken, aspergas and mushrooms. They also have fabulous desserts. I’m not sure what we are doing today. I am freezing now. We have been so hot and now we are at 60 degrees.

Susan Carter

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accomplished so much

Just writing to you to forward to the others. We had a busy day. 136 for the dentists. 181 for the doctors. They wrote 161 prescriptions. We gave out 80 mosquito nets and did 36 fluoride treatments to kids. I was so tired when I got home I slept for an hour. It is so hot that Gordon was dripping with sweat. We are always wet but it isn’t as bad as I thought. We work with a great crew. We are in the middle of a huge oil refinery. Also there is a huge pal moil plantation here. We think of you and hope all is well.

Susan Carter

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Alive in the Jungle

Hello Everyone, It has been a big day. We flew in the jet just 30 minutes over the Andes Mts into the jungle. Yes it is quite warm and humid. The flight was so interesting as we flew over the miles and miles of trees and saw the big rivers cut through the land. The city here is larger than I thought. It is very poor but big. All associated with the PetraEcuador. Huge big refinery here. We counted 12 huge tankers linedĀ“up to leave in the morning. Its amazing. Our accomodations are less than I expected but still comfortable…air conditioned and we can get some American TV. We have a group of 25 who are here with CAF. They are great people. There are 6 students who are here from the US. Tomorrow will be the real test. I will be helping Maria with the floride. Thank you all for your prayers.

Susan Carter

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Susan and I plan to fly to Quito, Ecuador on Aug. 20 and return Aug. 22. We are inviting any of the counsel to join us. We can get airfare for under $900. We will be going to Shushufindi to donate medical and dental equipment to our clinic there. Shell Oil will be flying us from Quito. I hope you can come along. Guaranteed to swim with perrhona and no bites.

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