Senegal, Africa

by | Oct 15, 2009 | Service Projects | 0 comments

There is no way to express in words the experience we had in Senegal, Africa. But I would just like to say that the people were wonderful. They are poor and most live in a manner that hasn’t changed in 200 years. I saw that life could be VERY simple and still have meaning and happiness. They work hard. The hardest part was to realize that health care was a major lack there. Almost half of mothers die in child birth. That was why there were so many babies at the orphanage…almost 60 out of 180 children. And although I don’t have figures, many of the babies also die. Most of the children have congestion or runny noses. Many have skin sores. At the orphanage they had almost no playground equipment with only dirt to play in. They have very caring volunteers. Every effort is made to give loving care and provide a clean environment. There are lots of areas in which we can assist. It would be a blessing to get wheelchairs to the disabled. The orphanage needs help every month for the milk and formula they provide. We are trying to get a medical/dental expedition to go there next June. It was an amazing experience.


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