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On December 26, 2009 I was on the border of Mexico trying to help a family with Grandma and Grandpa get through customs with their van full of materials for our projects.  The Mexican customs agent was a very nice guy but didn’t handle English real well.  I was with Grandpa on the back of the van with the van doors open and the customs agent was asking Grandpa what all the materials were for.  There was a big bag with girls clothes in it.  Grandpa said it was for his granddaughter that had already crossed the border.  The customs agent asked about a sack of beans.  They were a donation for the poor.  He asked about a bag of used shoes.  They were a donation.  The customs agent then told us that used clothing were not allowed to cross the border because it hurt there street shop businesses that deal with used clothing.  The customs agent then asked if there any other donations.  Grandpa said no.  Then there was a bag of rice that was questioned.  Another donation that Grandpa was unaware.  The customs agent started to be suspicious about the information that grandpa was giving him.

The customs agent then went up to the front and started to talk to Grandma.  She told him about each donation that was in the van.  He asked her what they were doing in Mexico.  She told him to help the poor and build a house.  She then proceeded to pull out an email letter that Charity Anywhere had sent her.  It listed all the items that would be helpful to the work.  He took the letter and she kept telling him about the donations and the building of a house.  He looked the letter over and immediately said,  I see by your letter that you are going to Do Good and Be Good.  That is all I need to know.  You may go on into Mexico.  His limited English understood what Do Good and Be Good was all about.

Who would have ever thought that our Motto would ever enable us to cross a border to do good.


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