CAF Display

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We have had lots of opportunities to talk to people about Charity Anywhere Foundation but one of the exciting ways is to attend and display at the Dental Conventions and the college international fairs. We are able to show some of the pictures of expeditions and teach them about what the foundation does. A little over a week ago we were able to display at the Utah Dental Convention. It was so fun to meet people and see their desire to serve kindled by our display. God blessed us with 4 important connections.
1) A professor from the University of Utah said she wanted to meet together to design and program of international experience for her International Health students. She would develop the curriculum and we would handle the out of country expeditions.
2) A gentleman talked to Gordon about a sizable donation.
3) We received some offers of equipment that could really be used
4) We were informed about an international eye program that we might be able to work with that is supported by Sears Optical, Lenscrafter etc.

Dr. and Mrs. Zambrano were here as well as an orthodontist and a pediatrician from Ecuador. We worked hard on our display and I thought it looked pretty good.


Susan, Monica, Maria, Washington

Susan, Monica, Maria, Washington

CAF Display
Gordon and Susan Carter


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