Miracle $10

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I was out last week doing some shopping for Charity Anywhere Foundation. During my search for a Home Depot, I pull over to the side of the road and ask this young man for directions to the nearest Home Depot. He was very nervous and I could tell he was mentally challenged. He told me where the nearest Home Depot was but then asked for $5’s. His friends had brought him to this local town and left him. He had no way to get back home since he had no money and the trolley cost $5. He was also hungry. I could tell he was very distressed and upset that his friends would do that to him. I reached in my pocket and out came a $10 bill. I gave it to him.

I then went to Home Depot and was looking for a plastic tote box to ship to Ecuador. I was having a challenge on finding the right box. A lady came up and asked if she could help me. I explained what I needed and took me to the very spot where there were many boxes. I explained that I needed the box to be padlocked when shipping. She asked me what I was using it for. I told her that it would carry medical and dental equipment and supplies for our charity work in Ecuador. She proceeded to tell me she was the manager and I could have the tote box for free since it was for charity. What are the chances that the store manager would come up to you to help you find an item. Yes, you guessed it, it cost $11.00. My $10 bill to the stranger was quickly recovered.

Gordon Carter


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