Alive in the Jungle

by | Aug 24, 2010 | Dental Projects | 0 comments

Hello Everyone, It has been a big day. We flew in the jet just 30
minutes over the Andes Mts into the jungle. Yes it is quite warm
and humid. The flight was so interesting as we flew over the miles
and miles of trees and saw the big rivers cut through the land. The
city here is larger than I thought. It is very poor but big. All
associated with the PetraEcuador. Huge big refinery here. We counted
12 huge tankers lined´up to leave in the morning. Its amazing. Our
accomodations are less than I expected but still comfortable…air
conditioned and we can get some American TV. We have a group of 25
who are here with CAF. They are great people. There are 6 students
who are here from the US. Tomorrow will be the real test. I will be
helping Maria with the floride. Thank you all for your prayers.

Susan Carter


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