Great work in the jungle

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Buenos Dias everyone, We are so tired today. We were up at 6:30 and worked all day and got back to our cabin at 6:30 tonight. It was cooler today because just before noon there was rain. We were already wet from sweat but the rain cooled the air and felt wonderful. It also provided a beautiful sunset. I am happy to report that I’ve picked up a few more Spanish words. I am so jealous of those who are fluent. Today in the morning I worked with the children. We taught how to brush teeth and then did a floride treatment. The kids were so fun and responsive. iN THE AFTERNOON we painted the school. They decided they’d like that so we gathered some communitiy members and it was mostly finished by the end of the day. Even the children pitched in. We also set up a clorine system that produces clorine from salt.
This strong liquid then is added to the villager’s drinking water to make it clean to drink. 4 dropswill clean a gallon (I think that is the ratio). After work we went back into the forest to a telopia pond and had a chance to catch some fish. It was pretty amazing to hear the sights and smells of the back woods. We also saw some parrots and several other birds that I don’t know the name. The group accomplished so much. Just in the morning, the doctors saw 150 patients and the dentists saw 59. They are a hardworking crew. I wish you could be with us. We feel very safe and stay in a lock’down facility. It’s not that fancy but it has flush toilets and air conditioning. We have good meals and there is a rec center where there is ping pong and volleyball and pool tables. Tonight there was soccer on TV. This is a great experience. We send our love to all.

On Friday we will try to make some calls from Quito. Hope all is

Love you much
Susan Carter


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