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Hello everyone, We are still back in the jungle but we have finished our work here and will be flying back to Quito this afternoon. We had a very long day yesterday. The doctors served 155 people and the dentists 121. I worked with the floride treatments for the children and we completed 95. We could have done more but we ran out of toothbrushes. The parents were so anxious for their children to learn and complete the process. We had 6 US volunteers with us and 3 were Spanish speakers. They were wonderful. We had a big dinner celebration at noon. All the dignitaries from the villages and PetroEcuador were there to thank us for coming. We had tolapia rapped in banana leaves. It was delicious. It was back to work afterward. We then had to break down the equipment and facilities we had brought. At 6 we went off into the jungle further to deliver a incubator to a little village health facility. We were there for a while so our doctors could instruct them in its use. We were not far from a beautiful lake so we walked down there. There were old hewn out wooden canoes. The place was so neat with all the night sounds of the jungle. The birds and the fireflies made it amazing. It took an hour to get back and then we had to load up the equipment and supplies in the truck for the trip home. We were SOOOO tired last night.

There are oil wells and pipelines everywhere. Along the side of the road you see at least 2 or three and many times as many as 10. Some are 4 or 5 inches in diameter but some are as big as at least 12 inches. They are still drilling in many places. In the mornings there are at least 12 big oil tanker trucks being filled and sent out. It looks like the places there at North Salt Lake except lots more of the huge storage tanks.

We catch the flight back this afternoon. What a great experience….but I´ll be ready for a nap when I get back.

Got to go.

Susan Carter


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