Incaperina program in Guatemala

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This came from our contact in Guatemala on the Incaperina program. Your dollars have done wonders on to help this little girl. Thank you so much for your donations.

Charity Anywhere Foundation provides funds to buy Incaperina, a nutritious mush meal for pregnant and new mothers. A health clinic at Senahu distributes the powder meal to the mothers in most need. Each month they weigh the child and charts its progress. The first picture is a child 15 months ago. The second is now. A miracle of miracles. I suggest you have your children see these pictures. I invite you to help. $52 will feed a child this meal each day for a year. 100% of your tax deductible donation goes to the program. We have a volunteer in Guatemala that handles the distribution each month. She charges us nothing.


Just quickly, because still in the mountains, but here is a before and after picture of this little girl who we signed off the programme this week (after 15 months).


15 Months ago



Mil gracias for your continued support!


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