My Homeland

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Written by Missy Homer after getting home from Tijuana this week!
My Homeland
Riding in the fifteen passenger on the way to the border
I see the brilliant white smiles plastered on every billboard
When I see what they advertise it’s clear a change is in order
If only they could see a goal worth moving towards
Sign after sign, they all promise a big win
But I know where I can find a better and truer grin
My crew walks up to what’s left of a shelter, i’ve seen it once before
Hammers in hand and tool belts strapped, this ain’t no chartered tour
We go there to serve and try to improve their living
But when it comes to real knowledge, we aren’t the ones giving
Caretaker comes out with a look like she’s been searching the sky
“Dios te bendigo!” she shouts out as a tear slips from her eye
God bless us? What more could He give?
Shouldn’t she be looking for a reason to live?
Her city is the one saturated with poverty and crime
Wouldn’t blessing her be a better use of His time?
I know she appreciates what little we can do
Yet I feel like our potential blessings belong to her too
She and those like her teach without a degree
I learn from them how to love humanity
Smiles from ear to ear fill the faces of kids living without a family
Can’t help but ponder how it is they get so happy
Then I realize it’s something simple indeed
They haven’t been corrupted by the disease we call greed
The people on the ads think they’ve got it so good
But they don’t fill their hearts half so much as they could
I want them to know what it means to feel love
I want them to know how to quit being alone
I want them to know the sweat and dirt in their gloves
I want them to know what it means to be Home
I guess that’s the miracle of giving after all
As much as I give, my portion never grows small
For when I commit a little time to so great a cause
I can’t help but take a step back and pause
I look at my life and wonder why it took me so long
To understand that in the service of others is where I belong

by Missy Homer


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