Day of Miracles

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I had another day of miracles I need to tell you about. I was in Tijuana last week with 42 USU students. Some were construction and some pre dental . I rode out to LaGloria with the dental and the construction group took the big Charity anywhere van. When we arrived, the van was steaming. A hose had sprung a leak. We filled it up with water and then I had the pre dental students follow me to the dental office they were going to work in. I knew I would have to get the van fixed soon or it would ruin the engine without water. As we approached the dental office I parked on the wrong side of the street. When I got out of the van a man in an Explorer spoke perfect English saying” What are you doing man???” He saw that the van was steaming. I found out he was American. I said our van had sprung a leak and I needed to get it fixed. He said that the other guy in his Explorer was a mechanic. Did I want him to look at it. Within a minute he had the bad hose out showing me the leak. One block away was a auto parts store. Within 20 minutes, the van was fixed. If I had not parked on the wrong side of the street or been 5 minutes earlier or later I would never had met this guy.

I returned to the orphanage in La Gloria and took some orphans to the next dental office. I also had to deliver one volunteer to another construction project. When we arrived at the construction site, everyone was gone. I left him there and started to the orphanage. A white car pulls up with 4 pre dental students. They were lost and could not find the dental office I had just been to. They followed me to the office. If I had been 2 minutes earlier or later they would never had seen me.

At the end of the day I had to go rendezvous with Padre jaime in La gloria. As I drove down main street of La Gloria I saw the 2 American girls we have staying at the orphanage walking in the middle of the street. I picked them up and invited them to come with me to meet with Padre Jaime. They had never met him and needed to see his program. If I had been 2 minutes earlier or later I would never had seen them.

At the end of the day, I had been directed by powers beyond me to accomplish the work that needed to be done.


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