Trip to Pavones, Costa Rica

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Trip to Pavones, Costa Rica
The volunteers of have bought tickets and are gearing up to leave November 15th 2011 to the small town Pavones, Costa Rica. The purpose of this trip will be to procure the land for the future high school. Meet the teacher Gerardo Mendoza who is presently teaching the homeschool high school classes. And meet the students that are involved in the homeschool program as well as any other high school age kids that need help getting involved.

Here are some things the Homeschool program needs:

1. Computer Printer.
2. Homeschool Books for 6 more students.
3. Donations to help pay for the teacher. (Right now he comes once a week, it would be beneficial for the student to have him come at least twice a week.).
4. Money to pay for an Architect to Plan and Design the future high school.
5. Money to pay for the Building supplies.

All Donations can be made through the Foundation.

Make sure you specify when making a donation that it is for the High School in Pavones, Costa Rica.

Thanks for all your help and support

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