Work in Agua Prieta, Mexico

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There are two construction companies that I deal with in Agua Prieta. I really try to purchase from them because they give me prices better than I can get in the U.S.   The one guy has really gone over board and is willing to donate material for one home.   He has found a family that is very needy and is trying to help them secure some land and if they can get the land he is willing to donate all the lumber if we will just build it.   I don’t think this family will get the land and will end up moving back to Nogalas but he will find another family.   He doesn’t do it for friends or relatives, he just goes out looking for people who are sick and really in need.   I purchase most of my material from him.   (He’s also very honest.  I overpaid on two loads of lumber and when I went back about four days later he had a note on the counter and my change sitting there.  It had been there for four days.)  There are things that he has a hard time getting that if you have it in the warehouse we could use.   As always doors and windows and roofing material are the hardest items to secure.   Metal hurricane straps and tie downs are hard to come by as well.  (Strong ties)I also get a little confused on what to charge people.   Last year we charged $350 per person and that took care of everything once they crossed the border with most of it being able to be put in the construction fund.    We ran a little short last year and were thinking of charging $400-450.   What do you think of that price?   The ladies at the shelter cook us dinner everynight and then we get up and cook breakfast and pack lunches for the day.  (Last year we had lunches brought to us most days from the community.)  Let me know what you think.So you know here is what we are planning.   We are leaving on the 22nd of December and will travel to Tucson that day.   The Cottams and I have time shares in Tucson and we usually cram a ton of people there the first night.   We will get up and be in Agua Prieta about 10:00 AM.   I have already had the concrete poured for our project and the lumber should be delivered about 10:00 as well.   We will build on the 23rd and the 24th.   With two days following on Sunday this year it really hurts are building time.   On Sunday we go to church (Those that want to.) and then we go to the orphanages.   We spend about 3 hours at the young orphanage and then we head to the older orphanage.  (14 and older)   For the past  years we have always had a standing soccer game against them.    I’m not sure what will happen this year with two Sundays in the picture.   Alot of these kids go home on Christmas day and then come back.  We’ll just have to see.   Later that day we go to the poorest parts of town and will be handing out school kits, hygiene kits and blankets.  This is always fun and humbling.   (You know that better than I do.)  Monday through Friday we will build build build.   Our goal is to have it finished on Thursday and help the family move in that day and Friday.   We haven’t been able to do that in the past alot because we have never finished.  Last spring break when we went and built we had time for that and realized that spending the last day with the family is by far the greatest joy of the trip.  We will be returning that Saturday and drive straight home.   I need to be to Church that Sunday.   This year we are building for a member of the church.   We haven’t done that since we’ve been going to Agua Prieta but this year we will.   It is a young couple and what makes this job appealing to me is that he donates and takes care of others first.   Everytime he gets a dime it goes to someone more in need.   (His needs are great)   This is a very giving family and we will help them knowing that they will definitely pay it back into the community.   Stewart’s group will be coming down on Tuesday and we will spread people out between his and my group, Stewart is building a home for a older lady and thee kids.   We also have a couple of small projects to complete as well.   Hope this helps.This is from Jon Larson in Ephraim Utah.


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