Manager explains the success of Charity Anywhere gardens

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This is the translation of a video that Gordon Hamm posted on facebook.  Read the translation, then watch the video.

“Good afternoon, we are an association called the Association for the Heath Integral Act.  The work that we normally do here is an introduction of vegetables for 30 families that live here in Palin Senahu.  And we have had a lot of success in which the people before have thought that here in Palin there is now way of producing vegetables.  But, now, we have made a great experience for the people here in Palin that they can produce vegetables. We have produced cucumbers and right now we have in production which is the tomato and also what is for example the carrot and also the chard and also we are producing the rravano, beans and chile peppers. All in this plantation here is chile, so, now what we want is that the families continue producing now that we have in this area 30 families.  All we are doing is giving guidence of which the families will continue to produce vegetables, which would make them sustainable.  Then can go and buy their fertilizer, seeds so that they can continue the process which is the learning.  And during the month August, September, and October and now we are in November and now we are only giving them lessons on what is the production of vegetables.  And now we have a success of 90% of all of the production of vegetables.”

Below is the video.

After that video, please watch the one below.


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