Report from Senahu

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Dear friends of Naru, Maya Help, Charity and Mr. Nick.

I want to wish a new year full of successes, with many blessings to you and your family. Since the family has been a fundamental part of the support, great works, that you do, always wanting a better life for poor indigenous families Senahú communities.

I thank God for the confidence and support that enables us to serve many people in 2011.

This year Naru, Maya Help, Charity, Don Nick and Adicay could support 327 families of the three communities in the municipality of Senahu, with St. Nicholas, New Syllabus Palin, with a population of 2.289 inhabitants, making the supply in two communities drinking water in their homes, after years of struggling to make a decent living. Similarly, support, mini-Vegetable production project 32 families of New Palin, low income who have suffered for lack of lack of technology on agriculture and economic resources. Similarly in the Syllabus community, we made a reconstruction and improvements of batteries with 12 sinks for public use.

As for the drinking water supply of the two communities.

We have had testimony of ladies, which gives them infinite thanks to Naru and Help Maya, to fulfill the dream of having water in your home, as they had several years of living in the place and never had clean water and suitable for human consumption in your home, so perhaps say that no longer will long enjoy the service, because it has an age and Avans, but his greatest desire is that children have safe water and grandchildren. They indicated that their revenues are working on farms, could never build a large project, such as its water system, which currently have.

Also share in these moments that families have their New Palin vegetables, all families have already bought their seeds, with the sale of their vegetables. With these practices their mini project, is being held. by Naru, Help Maya and Charity.

The example of these communities, despite the poverty of their families, forcing them to end their big project. As these cases only, give us strength to go on and give meaning to my life, to continue serving others.

We are currently organizing with small efforts to find better life choices. We are venturing into organic intensive agriculture, to find sustainable livelihoods for farmers in our country. We’re about to knock on doors in 2012.

ADICAY and myself, we can only thank God for using us. With a strong team working with a social purpose, which we are discovering ways to better serve and in full.

For all these fruits in 2011, many thanks to Naru, Maya Help, Charity and Mr. Nick, because without financial support, each of you, we at Adicay, we can do more things for others.

A sincere hug and kisses to all.

Happy New Year and Successes in 2012

Ana Adicay


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