We owe a debt a gratitude to Gordon and Pam Hamm for the groundwork they have done in Seanahu-Seamy. The people Love them and appreciate so much all they have done for them and continue to do. It was really an amazing trip. I will outline some of the projects and some recommendations for the future. With all the projects we worked through the District President, President Lico. Gordon had made that recommendation and it worked very well. I have met few church leaders who have the passion for the work and the Love for his people that he demonstrated to our group. He was always the one in front, lifting the heavy objects giving of himself. I know his personal situation is tight because of the economy. He took the 10 ride in the bus to meet us at the airport, and the 10 hr ride back to Guatemala with us. These trips were round trip for us. On one day we went to Semuc Champay and he went with us. The driver took the wrong turn and it ended up taking us 6 Hours to get there, fortunately it only took 3 to get us back. We took many of our meals in his home, because his restaraunt in the square did not have water. The meals were very good and the price of 15Q (around $2 US) were very reasonable, about half of what the meal would be in the other restaraunt. He received instruction for the stove installation from the representaive of the Maya Relief and went with us into the mountains to install the stoves. Some of the areas of his district are 4 Hours from Senahu on dirt roads and on one Sunday he made the trip into the mountains to see to the needs of members in his district. Having said that about him, it would be my recommendation that anyone we consider in that area for employment be President Lico. He has a very good handle on the needs in his district and has the respect of his members.

Ted Dodge


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