Month: August 2013

The Hilton Family Super Trip

The Hilton Family went on a service project for Charity Anywhere this summer. They posted their experience on their own blog. Below is a link to their blog post. Super Trip Part 2 — Mexico

Clinic Cuessy

Insulin and equipment delivered to a small clinic in Tijuana by Jared Cuessy as an Eagle Project. We had other places in Tijuana that he also donated over $20,000 of diabetic medicine and equipment. What a wonderful service he performed to obtain his Eagle Award in...

Quilts to TJ

Spencer Carter and I were in Tijuana last weekend and passed two small babies and decided to give them 2 of the baby quilts we tied at the Carter reunion. Thanks to Aunt Sharon and all the volunteers at the reunion, these great quilts are now being used. Another cute...