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This is the list of projects we have done.

1.Collect used shoes, gather, clean, size, and bag by category.

2,Collect eyeglasses – clean, grade, wrap, and box by category

3,Collect school supplies – box

4,Collect diabetic supplies – box by category

5.Collect dental supplies – tooth brushes, paste, flouride – Deliver to Mexico

and apply flouride at grade schools.

6.Make picture frames – Go to mexico with camera and printer. Take family

pictures, frame and give to families

7.Gather sporting equipment – used tennis balls, soccer balls, baseball

equipment, basketballs – box

8.Gather wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes – clean and box

9.Go to a 3rd world country and organize at high schools a cleanup the

neighborhood drive. Provide management and trash bags.

10.Collect used computers.Check and Clean, Box into categories. One

scount got 90 computers from Logan high school.

11. Buy vitamins at Costco and then bag 25 in Ziploc mini bags .

12. Approach dentists on any dental equipment not being used. Clean, list

and deliver to SLC.

No clothing.

I hope this gives you some ideas. We have a way to get these items

delivered to the poor in a 3rd world country. You can come along or just

deliver to SLC to our warehouse. L. Gordon Carter


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