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What an amazing experience it has been here in Guatemala.  It is hard to keep from crying.  Every day we see such poverty and want.  I can´t sleep at night thinking of the poor conditions.  Tuesday was the Incaperina distribution.  Over 100 mothers received either milk or Incaperina, depending on the age of the child.  Good news was that 8 children were at a healthy weight and were released from the program.  Sad news is that there are 15 severly malnourished children that now need to be on the program. One on the children that came for the distribution we could tell was very sick.  We grabbed Gordon and sent him with the baby and the older sister to the hospital that is one hour away.  They said the child was very sick and named at least 5 things that were wrong.  Gordon and Yvonne went back the next morning and they had the baby on IVs.  The doctor came to Yvonne and said, ¨You´ve got to get these babies to us faster.  He said that if we had waited even 2 more hours the baby would have died.  The baby was in a family of 9.  The mother had died in childbirth and the 14 yr old sister was caring for the family.  We bought them food.  There was another baby that need to go to the hospital also but she wouldn´t go because she didn´t have permission from her husband.  She lived 4 hours walking distance from Senahu.  One mother had walked 5 hours to be to the distribution by 9.  It is so unbelievable.

I have people waiting for me so I have to go.  Hopefully I can get back to a computer in a couple of hours.  We are leaving here today.  It is a 9 hour drive back to Guatemala City and we are going to take it in 2 pieces.

Just have to say the missionaries here are so amazing.  I just bless them for the work they are doing in these conditions.  And I pray with all my heart for the missionaries from our family that are working for the Lord in these conditions.  My heart is full of things I want to tell you.  I love you all.  PS.  Tell Lacey and Eliza that practially every kid in Senahu has a bracelet that they have made!

I have to go.

Love Susan Carter


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