USU Volunteer in Guatemala

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I’m not fluent yet but the classes are great!! Hopefully I’ll be ready by the time i finish my classes!

Things are going great. Yvonne has some really good ideas to get more volunteers to come and I’m happy to help her make that happen. She really cares so much about what she is doing down here and that makes me care too. I hope before my time is done I will have made a big impact.
I have loved Antigua so much! The town is gorgeous and I can’t get over all the beautiful architecture and scenery. Luckily I was able to go see one of the volcanoes nearby, volcan de pacaya. It was so awesome!!
The first pictures attached are of me at the volcano. The view of Guatemala City was gorgeous from up there. We also roasted marshmallows at the top which was super fun.
At Sheny’s house there was an amazing view of volcan de fuego. If you look closely then you can see the smoke rising from the top. They also had a dead cat that was always sleeping nearby.
The architecture in the city is incredible. The picture there is in the Central Park area and is just the most beautiful building.
I think that’s all for now!! Thanks so much!!


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