I just wanted to sit down while everything was fresh in my mind and say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! We could not have pulled off this huge task without each and every one of you. Everybody on this trip brought a attitude of good will and love, and it definitely showed through. We didn’t have one person complain. Not to say there isn’t room for improvement or that we didn’t learn some important lessons on what went well and what can be changed, but the overall general feel was everyone was in this together to accomplish a mighty task.

I realize I asked a lot of all of you, but every one of you stepped up to the plate and exceeded my expectations.

Some of the amazing things that we did while in Puerto Penasco:

Built a room for a family with three special needs individuals. Furnished them with a new stove, and washing machine. Donated clothes and other necessities to this family and we will be putting a door on the outside of the house as well as the bathroom.

Hauled down 14,000 pounds of donations some of which were needed directly for the Words of Hope Community Centers new dormitories.

Built a room onto Rubens home (the man who makes sure everyone in the communities needs are being met, but only lived in a two room house himself)

Organized the thrift store

Provided many needed things for Ruben and Yolandas wedding.

Gave away over 40 large humanitarian kits at the dump, to some of the areas most impoverished  citizens.

Provided  two cribs and mattresses for the orphanage. Played and had pizza with them, and lots of food and necessities for them. Provided little Dillon with a cake and ice cream for his 1stbirthday. J

Taught one of the women in the community a trade of eyelash extensions.

We also gave out many humanitarian kits to others in need, in the community.

Lets not forget we brought home little Emerald (Emi) to be with her sister Ruby here in the states.

It was great to see the impact we’ve had on so many by the donations that we have brought previously. We got to see the sewing room that now provides sewing classes for 5 girls at a time (and we brought down 5 more sewing machines this time). We actually were able to see many in the community using things that were donated at other times.

They’ve started a gardening class that they will use the many seed packets and gardening tools that were brought down.

Many miracles happened while we were there and it was an example to all of us that God works miracles through the hands of others, and He loves all His children, even the meekest of them.

Again thank you so much. If you have a moment go onto the Idaho Falls Charity Anywhere page and post pictures and leave comments on your experience.

I’m sure I have probably forgotten a few things, but overall this trip was amazing! In the words of one of the Founding members of Charity Anywhere, “Never have I seen so much done by so few, so quickly.” -Ted Dodge

Andrew will be setting up a folder for everyone to share their photos to this evening. So watch for an email with how to do that.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Terri Porter

Susan Nielsen

Kenzie Porter

Idaho Falls- Charity Anywhere


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