Another Way to Donate

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

We now have the capacity to take common STOCKS as a donation.  This is the benefit to the donor.  Example. He buys 1000 shares of a stock 5 years ago for $1.  It is now worth $10 per share.  He then donates the stock to Charity Anywhere and we give him a donation slip for $10,000.  He does not have to declare any income or capital gains or stock appreciation on the stock donated but can take the full $10,000 as a tax deductible donation. Uncle Sam would take a healthy part of the $9000 appreciation if the donor cashed it out. .

To do this kind of donation, the donor must contact me with his stock broker.  I then have our stock broker contact his stock broker to make the transaction happen the IRS way. WE did this very successfully last year.


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