Donations to Ecuador

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Yesterday, Wednesday, July 15, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the CharityAnywhere Foundation, through its Legal Representative, Dr Washington Zambrano, made the donations to The Ministry of Government, Chancellery, System of Risk and Emergency Management, Ecuador Customs Senae represented by their respective authorities. Donations were also received by the Cantonal Red Cross of Quevedo and the present Pasaje canton with its Mayor César Encalada and, of course, the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, represented by Elder David Benalcazar. Seventy area authority. As hosts they have supported us with their Humanitarian and Support Centers in the United States to make this a reality. A sincere thanks to all of them who work in their jurisdictions, for us it is a privilege to contribute with these helps to assist vulnerable groups in this Pandemic that now shows that inequality is greater, we cannot be oblivious to the needs of others we are the same gender on this planet and equal in the eyes of God. This is not over, we must live according to the new norms without fear and prudently grateful for what we have.
Washington Zambrano



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