Change of Direction on help from Charity Anywhere

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We have had to reevaluate our focus of helping.  Going to other countries is so challenging that our volunteers are apprehensive leaving the USA.

We have had many calls from Mexico border towns and Navajo nation on food and supplies.  We have been shipping every 2 weeks to many places.  The word is out that we do help so our list of possible places to help is increasing every day.

 Here is what we need.  Food, hospital supplies and equipment, living supplies, and medicines. We also need drivers to take donations to the Mexican border and Navajo Nation in Arizona and Utah.  We have a truck and trailer available.  We need cash to help cover the cost of delivery.  The last delivery with our 26 ft. truck and 12 ft. trailer was around $600.  It was a 3 day trip.

On the Mexican deliveries we are connected with mayors that will have their people cross the border to pickup our donations in the USA and then cross back into mexico with no customs tax.  Each delivery could be done in 2 days of hard driving but figure 3 days to make it easier.

Our reputation on the Mexican border is growing every week.  The mayors are talking to each other about our work so we are getting calls from places we have never heard of.  The virus has really rocked the economy in Mexico.  One church minister told me that his little flock is struggling to just make meals each day.  WE sent a big load down last week and he was so grateful.

Please let me know how you can help.

Be good and do good. 

Gordon Carter


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