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Just got the latest mail on our last delivery.

From: Joneor Larson

Gordon, the place that contacted Dago is called Colonia Morelos with a new name Kiosko.   It is about 3 hours south/east located in the mountains.  It is a dirt road for a good portion.   I was doing some research and it originally was a community settled by mormons but during the 1912 revolution they were escorted out of the area.   Dago told me the food you sent last week was perfect.  They were able to use every bit and the people were grateful and appreciated everything.   He said this village could use some diapers as well.  Mostly adult diapers if possibly.   I asked him to find the area seventy and make contact.  He is looking into that.   When I get a break in soccer I will take my trailer down.
Here is another idea we have been kicking around.  Presently we can get for free scratched, dented, and torn food packages from various stores.  We plan to bring the food to our warehouse and sort through it for the best food to ship on down to Mexico.  OUr thought is that this free food is probably available in Phoenix and Tucson.  We need a volunteer to see if such is available.  If you know of anyone that could see if there is free food available in either of those towns then have them call me.  The freight from SLC to Mexico in our truck is atleast $600.  We have a warehouse in Douglas, AZ that will let us sort through the donations.  We would rent a truck in Phoenix to haul the local donations to Douglas.  We also have needs in Puerto Penasco which is near Tucson.  We could do the same in Tucson.  IF you know of anyone that could be our “find the food guy” in Tucson, let me know.
Our “find the food guy” here in SLC tells me he can get 15 pallets of food every week.  We would like to keep away from the expense of sending the food down to the border.
We welcome any suggestions or new ideas on this project.
One mail came in on how old must a driver be in our vehicle.  21 with a clean driving record.

Gordon Carter


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