Change of Focus for CAF

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WE usually have expeditions lined up for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we are not receiving from our Mexico and Ecuador supervisors that we can get into and out of the countries without a quarantine.  Once we get a green light we will post expeditions.

We are very busy shipping food and donations to the Mexican border and Navajo Nation.  We have new arrangements on getting food and transporting them to the border.  We are always looking for food.  Our volunteer in Mexico is the minister of his little flock.  He has asked that we send down some sports equipment, like baseballs, mitts, bats, helmets, masks, etc. Even soccer stuff.  We are sending down our first shipment of food on Oct. 8.  We do have room to ship donations that are not food.   The 53 ft. trailer will be filled with food up to 43 ft so we have 10 feet to put other items.

This trial run will teach us a lot.  We deliver to a warehouse in Douglas, AZ and they will take the donations across the border by pickup load.  Our minister will deliver most of the food to 5 small towns near Agua Prieta.  WE hope to do this at least once a month and if it works out maybe twice a month.  WE are also shipping a container to Ecuador next week.  It will have medical and dental donations plus an ambulance, if it will fit inside the container.

If you have any questions either call or email.  Love you all.

Gordon Carter


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